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    What's a Dab Rig?

    Mastering the glass rigs and dabbing accessories needed to enjoy this type of smoking requires research and investigation.
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    Choosing the Perfect Recycler

    Recyclers can seem complicated but the purpose they serve ultimately is pretty straightforward; cool down the hit while providing smooth draw.
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    Picking out a Weed Pipe

    Here's what you should be asking yourself when searching for that new pipe.
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    Why Shop with 420 Science?

    So, so many reasons. For starters, we are totally chill. See why our site is the most trusted online headshop.
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    The Smoker's Tool Kit

    Everything you need to get started enjoying the wonderful world of Cannabis and toking.
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    Selecting the Right 420 Jar

    We have hundreds of jars for keeping your stash fresh. Let's find your perfect jar.
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    How to Hit a bong

    There is a science to hitting a bong, and we aren't called 420 Science for nothing. 
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    The STAX Primer

    Ready to start collecting the building blocks of bongs? Learn how to STAX!
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    Measuring your Downstem

    Need to find the length of a downstem? It's not as obvious as you think. We'll help.
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    How to use a Dab rig

    The proper way to dab. Here is what to remember and consider when enjoying concentrates with friends.
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    All About Grinders

    What is the best grinder for you? We discuss the different features of all the grinders we sell and what they are good for
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    How to use your Dry Herb vape

    Here are some pro-tips on the best habits for you dry herb vaporizer.
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    What is a dab pen?

    Find out all the tips and tricks for how to use a dab pen to get the most out of your vape sessions.
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    The Best Ways to Pack a Bowl

    When it comes down to it, you are either breaking your bud up by hand or finely grinding it. Here's why.
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    How to clean a bong

    Here are a few ways to clean that grunge off your bong or pipe.
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    How to Dab

    Curious about the basics of dabbing and what it takes to get started enjoying concentrates? Read here.
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    How to Store Dabs

    Storing dabs in silicone containers protects against light, heat, and moisture. But you also want protection from impacts with a variety of storage...
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    The Best Dap Pens 2021

    How to choose the right concentrate vaporizer for you from our modern selection of vape pens.
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