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The STAX Primer

Smoking is cool. You cannot argue that it's not; humans have been doing it for, like, 7000 years. We love it, and we love finding out new ways of breathing in combusted or vaporized molecules of delicious particles. The satisfaction of having a new piece, stacking the perfect hit and checking out how the percs work for the first time is always a magical adventure for a smoking enthusiast. But not all of us can have a huge collection.

Some people don't have the budget or the storage space. That is where the STAX system shines. Variety, adventure, and experimentation. That is what you wanted after your first bong rip. With STAX, you can have it all.

The STAX line has been through rigorous research and development phases. The initial design fitted together with glass joints but did not make use of clips, and the pieces were enormous. Scaling each piece down and making the percs smaller was necessary to ensure that the pieces could work well together and not be cumbersome.

Eventually, the joints were molded with rims so that clips could be added to secure the different parts together. The line blossomed with variety once the initial design of the STAX was finalized. The real game changer came with the creation of the bubbler conversion. The showerhead downstem conversion let you change your setup into an entirely new piece. What was once a bong, is now a bubbler, and nothing will ever be the same.

Now in its fifth generation of redesign STAX has been honed into a perfect collection that is still growing. The recent release of new bases, redesigned percs, and new mouthpieces has significantly expanded the series.

STAX's value comes down to two things, functionality and customization. Ideally, you can keep all your pieces separated, and when the time comes to smoke, you can let your imagination be your guide. Not many things in life are like that. Most of the time you get what you get. Well, this is one of those extraordinary times when that phrase does not apply. STAX is whatever you want it to be. You can start small with just a base and a mouthpiece and then grow your collection one piece at a time. With around twenty pieces in the current line, the possibilities are astounding.

We all had the idea; Grav just had the power to make it happen. Parts can be swapped out at will, and the types of combinations and styles you can produce are staggering. Want a Bubbler? Done. Want a bong designed to cool down your hit with every perc? No problem. How about a small Dab rig with minimal percolation? Easy. Want to hit a 6-foot tall, straight tube with an ice catch? STAX has you covered.

If you also have some of the accessories Grav Labs makes like ash catchers and chillers, then you can add even more variety to your setup. The sky is the limit. STAX is a brilliantly designed build-a-bong system that is truly modular and all borosilicate glass. What a time to be alive!
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