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Picking out a new pipe.

There are countless types of glass water pipes, bongs, dab rigs, and hand pipes out there on the market. You can check your local pipe store or an online headshop. Your local headshop may have a limited selection or have pieces that are higher priced than you would find online because of the overhead involved in running a shop. You'll be able to see the glass in person, which is nice, but you can see gorgeous close-ups, water tests, and online testimony about the products you are interested in online. We ship directly to you from our online smoke shop, and we procure the most sought after, affordable, name brand pipes out there.

Bongs come in many models and designs. Materials used to make water pipes can vary, some are made from acrylic, ceramic, wood, polycarbonate, metal and, of course, the best substance for pipes there is, glass. Besides a large amount of material diversity, water pipes also come in an array of sizes, designs, shapes, and colors. And if that was not enough, there are many tiers of craftsmanship and artistry that range from cheap glass water pipes to unique designer glass pipes that look expensive because they are.

At 420 Science, we are at the forefront of finding the best glass, coolest percolators, and water pipe styles that exist on the market today.

If you want to know what piece best fits you, first take a look at what your needs are. What is your favorite way of enjoying your herb? Do you mainly use flowers or oils and concentrates? Perhaps you would like to find a piece that would be good for both?

We carry an extensive selection of thick glass tubes for flowers and glass rigs for oils. We have an option to suit whatever needs you have, and we are adding new items every day.

The next question to ask yourself is what type of design are you going for? This is a choice pretty much between Heady glass or Scientific glass. Heady glass ranges in many styles and colors and focuses on the aesthetics of the piece and usually incorporates a theme or recognizable pop imagery. Scientific pieces are form-follows-function glass pipes that have few color details but are built to filter and cool your hit in all manner of exciting ways.

On our website, you can find all the information listed on a pipe, from its color options to accessory joint sizing. And if there is anything you want to know about any of the glass water pipes we carry that we have not already explained on our website, then our customer service agents are there to help.

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