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How to Improve Your Handpipe Sessions

How to Improve Your Hand Pipe Session

Unboxing a gorgeous new hand pipe is an exciting event. The first time you see your new pipe up close, the urge to pack it full and have a smoke session is strong. But here are some tips on how to thoroughly enjoy your new pipe and make sure it lasts for a long time. 

Adding to Your Handpipe Collection

We assume you just opened a gorgeous new pipe from our large selection of glass hand pipes. But if you are still shopping for a great pipe, then here are a few tips on how to pick out the right piece for your smoke sessions.

  • Start off with a basic glass spoon pipe if you don’t already have one.
  • Pick a pipe that has the look that you enjoy
  • Keep in mind most people own several pipes for different situations. Your first pipe is for home and others can be for travel and backups.

Taking Care of a New Hand Pipe

The first thing you'll want to do is look your pipe over and ensure it's free of any damage or faults. We take time to quality control every pipe we send out, but mistakes can happen. We want to take care of it right away if your pipe isn't just what you wanted. If you’re pipe arrives and has any flaws or you decide you want to return it for another reason feel free to reach out to us before you’ve used it and we’ll work to get you a pipe you love.

Once you’re sure your pipe looks excellent, you should give it a quick rinse with warm water to remove any dust or debris that could have gotten inside during shipping. You want to be sure your first bowl is fresh and tasty. If you don’t wash out your pipe you could accidentally combust non cannabis particles inside the pipe that will taste bad and be bad for you.

The first bowl from your new pipe is a memorable experience. Grind up some nugs and break off a small piece of weed to drop in the bottom of the bowl first. This smaller bit of weed acts as a plug to keep your pipe from clogging. Drop the rest of the ground bud on top and press it down until it's packed. Don't pack your bowl too tightly, or it can create a restricted air path, and it will be difficult to hit the pipe.

Now that your bowl is packed, make sure to put some time into improving your set and setting. Take some deep breaths and get settled into a comfy chair or clothes. Put some music on, dim the lights, and make sure that your environment is to your liking for an enjoyable smoke session. The right surroundings and attitude can completely change the quality of your session.

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How to Smoke Weed With a Hand Pipe

Start smoking by covering the carb hole on the pipe and lighting up a corner of the bowl, taking care not to spark up the whole thing at once. Get a taste of the weed first with a small hit and enjoy the deep aroma and flavor as you exhale once you've had this first relaxing hit. You can start to take bigger hits as you desire to get into the right headspace. 

Once you are done smoking with your hand pipe, remember to take some time to do some upkeep with the pipe. Scape out any ash and debris left in the bowl. After each use, cleaning the pipe's bowl will ensure that you get good flavor and full smoke sessions every time you sit down to smoke. 

What Should You Own to Take Care of a Pipe?

The typical smoke session with a hand pipe is simple, but there are many ways to improve your smoke sessions by adding some steps and accessories to your pipe. 

Consider the following to improve your hand pipe sessions:

  • A Glass Filter or Screen. A screen or glass bead at the bottom of your bowl will keep bits of ash and debris from getting stuck in the pipe and create a smoother hit. We recommend the Smojo Permanent Screen. It fits in the bottom of your pipe's bowl and covers the hole while providing a path for smoke to travel.Wipes. These handy 420 Wipes come in two sizes and make cleaning the pipe bowl easy after each smoke session. The smaller wipes are for daily use cleaning. You can swab the inside of your pipe's bowl after you tap the ash out to make sure your next smoke session will be fresh and tasty. The larger wipes are great for all-over cleaning. 
  • Hemp Wick. An all beeswax and hemp string can be lit with a lighter and touched to your bowl to ensure no additional flavor of butane or gas is in your hit. We recommend combining a hemp wick with a lighter tool like the Toker Poker. The Toker Poker holds your lighter and some hemp wick and serves as poker and tamper all in one device.
  • A Pipe Bag. A quality protective pouch that you can zip up to keep your pipe safe is an excellent addition to any pipe collection. Pipe bags can be soft fabric pouches or have a hard shell to add extra protection. RYOT bags are our go-to brand for pipe storage if you want a smell-proof bag that provides plenty of storage. The Carbon Series is an excellent example of a bag that is good for pipe storage but can hold your stash and lighter as well.
  • A Poker. You'll want to mess with the inside of your pipe, and the best way to do that is with an excellent poker. A poker is a metal rod with a grip on one end so you can easily dig in your pipe. We carry the Pokerpeli brand of pokers with unique glass marbles on each tool.

Shop for Smoking Pipe Accessories with 420 Science

If you have a weed pipe, we have everything you could want to improve your pipe smoking experience. If you're not sure how to best increase the efficiency of your smoke sessions, just send us a message. We'll be happy to help you pick out what will work best for you.

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