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What's the Best Dab Temp? Finding the Perfect Dab Temperature

Dabbing is the act of taking concentrates such as Rosin, Wax, or Shatter, and applying them to a preheated quartz or titanium nail and inhaling the boiled vapors that are produced. Taking a dab can be a little more complicated than smoking a bowl or joint, so the following is a bit of information that we compiled from our collective years of experience. Probably the most important aspect of taking a dab is finding the perfect dab temperature.

Low Temp + Terpenes = Best Temp for Dabs

First and foremost, low temp dabs are the best way to consume concentrates. In some cases, people have stated that they are hesitant to dab regularly due to past negative experiences and will cite things such as chest discomfort, harshness on the throat and lungs, and intense coughing fits. All these issues were more than likely stem from high-temperature dabs, so its important to find the best dabbing temperature.

Taking too hot of a dab will cause your concentrates to combust, not vaporize. Never take a dab immediately after heating your nail up with a blow torch, always give it about 30-45 seconds to slightly cool down. Many terpenes vaporize around the same temperature as THC (which boils at about 157°C or 314℉), but some terpenes are more volatile than others which is why it’s so important to take low temp dabs. Savor the flavor!








Be Safe When Increasing Dabbing Temperature

This should go without saying, but touching something that you just hit with a torch is going to hurt. This is counteractive to what you’ve trained yourself to do all these years, what with having to remove the bowl to clear the chamber and all. When using a torch, make sure to give the task at hand your full attention and to move any flammable materials that might be in the flames path or around the nail out of the way.

Take Small Dabs - This is especially important if you are either new to dabbing or are introducing a friend to the exciting world of concentrates, but with the intense effects that come along with consuming a concentrated form of cannabis, it is a good rule to start small and work your way up from there. They are concentrated so it only makes sense that the effects will be much more intense than the feeling you get from smoking a bowl or joint. You always have the option of taking another dab, but once you blast off, there is no turning back. This is also an excellent way to make sure that you can entirely clear your rig of all vapor because let's face it, no one wants to inhale the stale remnants from your hit.

Use Clean Glass - As the saying goes, “clean glass is happy glass.” This is especially true when it comes to concentrates. To get the full experience when dabbing concentrates, you want a fresh piece free from any residues that could interfere with the flavor of your hit. Luckily, cleaning a dab rig is much easier when compared to cleaning a flower piece, simply because your concentrate isn’t combusting like when you take a lighter to roast a bowl of some flowers from your favorite water pipe. Nobody wants to hit a dirty dab rig, check out a video on our complete cleaning system right here!














How to Stay Organized During Your Dab Session

If you have space, it’s worth it to have a little area dedicated to dabbing which makes the process a little bit easier as well since everything you need is all in one spot. Keeping all of your tools near where you dab is a no-brainer, but also helps to make your dab sessions both stress and mess free.

  1. Torch - Always know where your torch is and make sure that it is also in good working condition.
  2. Dabber - To be able to safely apply your dabs to your choice of nail
  3. Carb Cap - Keep a carb cap nearby so you can take some tasty, low-temp dabs.
  4. Container - A container to store your concentrates in is a must to keep everything fresh and tasty. We prefer to use a Wax Wallet or a Concentrate Jar outfitted with a Dab Dish Pro.

Use Clean Utensils - Similar to how you always want to have clean glass to use, the very same goes for your utensils. Who wants to take a dab with a dirty dabber that’s covered in reclaim? Or a blackened quartz banger or titanium nail? Not only do these things look unappealing, but they can affect the flavor of your dab. Keep your dabbers and mouthpieces clean with a box of 420 Wipes and your Quartz Bangers looking brand new with some Tip Tech Black Cotton Swabs.

Now that you have the basics down for dabbing, why don’t you take a look at the Welcome To Wax bundle? It has all the required equipment needed to have you dabbing in no time at all, and looking damn good while doing it. Feel free to also check out our review of that bundle on the 420 Science Club YouTube!

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