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    Meet Jane West

    Gary and Brandon take a peek into the busy life of cannabis lifestyle brand CEO, Jane West. She has designed a gorgeous collection of essential pieces. From the traditional spoon to the full-size beaker, each detail was thoughtfully considered and is expertly crafted by GRAV. We get the story on her, her pieces, and what she wants to bring to the smoking lifestyle.

    Holiday Gift Guide

    Are you having trouble picking out a new piece? Don't worry; we're solving your shopping dilemmas here and now.

    Gary and Brandon put on their holiday suits and talk new items in the smoke shop in this celebration filled episode. Tons of brand spanking new pipes are on parade to help you pick the right piece for yourself or a friend!

    Checkout the Gift Guide here!

    Black Friday Sitewide Sale!

    Take 15% Off Through Cyber Monday : Use Discount Code BLK15


    What happens when a strange pallet gets delivered to the 420 Science warehouse? Zombies, that's what. Follow our hero, Stew, as he battles his former co-workers in a fight to the death.

    Bloodshot II - The Day Shift

    When zombies take over the warehouse, the day shift fights back. Watch as our friends get eaten alive. Who will make it out?

    We've teamed up with some friends to make another horrific and hilarious story. Get ready for thrills, chills, and lots of blood spills. Load up your biggest haunted pipe and get toasty for this Halloween short!

    Chill Gear Forever Pipes

    Pipes that cannot be broken! Gary and Brandon rip into the Chill line of adonized aluminium pipes. They talk shop about why metal pipes are cool and tell the story of picking out these odd but indestructible pieces. So get out your delicate glass piece, load a fat bowl and get ready to blaze with the club as we learn about the Forever and Oil pod pipes!

    See the entire collection here.

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