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    420 Science Blog

    This Memorial Day...

    Thank you for supporting our business. Because of you, we have the ability to give back.

    For each order placed now through Memorial Day, we will be donating $4.20 to the Central Texas Food Bank.

    The cannabis industry has always been about community and helping people. For the past 16 years, most of our charitable giving has focused on legalization efforts. And while we continue to put resources there, another opportunity to help is very clear.

    It’s heartbreaking to see long lines at food banks. People who have never worried about affording groceries are now struggling. And the food banks are struggling to keep up with demand.

    Our goal is to raise over $5,000 for the Central Texas Food Bank and we encourage everyone to donate to their local food bank as well.

    Again, thanks for your support. It means the world to us and allows us to support those in need.

    In-depth Volcano Classic Vaporizer History

    In-depth Volcano Classic Vaporizer History
    The first version of the Volcano was built using a heat gun and was absolutely made in a stoner's basement. The use of heated and circulated air produced a steady flow that vaped the weed more evenly. The more efficient air circulation made for a better vaporizer experience and a more potent session.

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    The History of the Headshop

    The History of the Headshop
    A headshop is an establishment that sells cannabis lifestyle accessories but not cannabis itself. The headshop gets its name from the phrase, "Get your head right." Its a shop for your head, and that was very evident in the early headshops. 

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