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Dab Rig Basics: What are Dab Rigs?

Dabs are here to stay. One we concentrated weed into a form that got people twice as high there was no going back. Now concentrates are in carts, vapes, but more than anything people still love firing up their torch and taking a dab from a Dab Rig.

What is a Dab Rig?

What are Dab Rigs

At their very core dab rigs are water pipes designed to work with cannabis concentrates like dabs and wax instead of dry herb. Since these rigs are designed to have vapor in them and not smoke, they need to be smaller and have less space inside for vapor to stick to. Dab rigs are usually compact and feature ground joints that are upright and away from the pipe to keep the heating element away from the main body.

Dabbing Rig Parts

The anatomy of a dab rig is similar to a bong but with a few extra changes.

1. A mouthpiece. A dab rig mouthpiece is usually smaller and more narrow than a bongs.

2. A bottom chamber. Dab rig chambers are smaller and not meant to build up a hit like a bong.

3. A ground joint. Dab rig joints usually have fixed downstems and are upright to provide room for a banger.

4. A quartz banger. This is the bucket you place your dabs in when heating them up for vaporization

How Does a Dab Rig Work?

The basic idea of taking a dab is vaporizing your concentrates at just the right temperature by placing them inside the heated quartz banger, ad covering it with a cap to increase the heat and airflow inside. Once this step has occurred you can inhale the dabs and remove the cap from the banger. If you want to know more here is how to take a dab.

The experience of dabbing is different from a vape pen. The purity of flavor and small dosage needed to achieve a powerful effect is among the top reasons why dabbing rigs are so popular. Mastering a glass rig and other dabbing accessories are necessary to enjoy this type of smoking. It requires research and investing in a new way to smoke. There is a large selection of dab rigs out there that feature different levels of complexity.

A banger hanger is typically the starting piece for dabbing. It has a simple body built to hold the minimal amount of water and provide the essential filtration needed to get a pleasurable hit. Or you could go with the constant percolation power of a recycler. A recycler uses a continually moving water flow to cool your hit instead of complex percs. There are also many traditional water pipes that you can just throw a banger on and turn into an oil rig. A banger is used to place your hit into after the quartz has been heated to the proper temperature with your torch.

dab rig recycler
All of our glass has been hand-picked and curated by our team, but within that selection, many rigs could be the best for you. Your dab rig will be used under cooling and heating conditions that are more rigorous than a water pipe. Choosing a quality glass rig that can endure constant high heating and cooling is essential to prevent unwanted breakage. We take pride in procuring the best quality handmade pieces that have a thick wall and strong welds.

Smaller Dab Rigs are Better

Size matters when it comes to dab rigs, and unlike a bong, bigger is not always better. The point of dabbing is to convert the solid dabs into a vapor and filter it minimally to preserve flavor and potency. The less surface area inside a dab rig the better for a good hit. Mini rigs rein supreme in this category. While you cannot get a big hit from a small dab rig, the flavor and immediate effect is worth the small size.

Consider where will you be using your rig. You may be moving your rig often, or it may sit at home on your desk to be used reliably every day as your daily driver that gets you just where you want to be in the morning. We offer both models that are compact for transport as well as large, elaborate rigs that are champions of design and functionality. Color and style matter; this is your rig, you should be proud of it. You'll find just the color you want and have the kind of detail that satisfies your keen eye for detail. The 420 Science Dab Rig catalog contains a vast range of full color and color accented rigs from Mav, HiSi, Envy, and Grav Labs.

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