Our Story

A Long, Long Time Ago

It all began back in 2004. Our co-founder had the idea to put a friend's headshop logo on stash jars, but that friend passed on the notion. Luckily, his best friend and roommate was happy to develop the thought into a business model. From the start, the two have been problem solvers. They knew people wanted a quality storage solution that expressed style, and could be relied on to keep bud fresh.  They combined powers, and 420 Jars was born right there in their living room.

420 Science Is Born

After growing the 420 jar line for a few years, it was time to branch out and provide well-curated solutions for every need that a smoking enthusiast has. In the following years, we've teamed up with product designers to create innovative products and solve problems for our customers. These partnerships have been an integral part of our business and have contributed to our love for our work.

Rising To The Occasion

But we didn't stop there. The communal spirit of our industry leads to a lot of collaboration. We've enjoyed the relationship we have with our friends at High Times Magazine, and we've worked with them to create the official stash jar of every Cannabis Cup since 2006. We've also made jars for bands such as 311 and Slightly Stoopid. And of course, we always love doing custom jars for smoke shops all over the world. Lately, we've been traveling the nation to tour and interview some of the most exciting and innovative places and people in our industry.  


In tandem with our business, the legalization of cannabis has skyrocketed. With that our awareness of the fact that we needed to support the movement became clear. When we looked around for organizations that were change makers whose values aligned with ours, Marijuana Policy Project stood out. We stand with the Marijuana Policy Project and provide financial support for legalization efforts. We firmly believe cannabis should be legal for all adults.

We Love You Too

For us, it's about the people we get to meet along the way. Over the last 19 years, we've become a nationally recognized and trusted brand because of the relationships we have forged. Our friends, partners, customers, competitors, and especially our co-workers all provide a unique and enjoyable experience for all involved with our business. From our diligently curated store that offers a modern and minimalistic shopping experience to our informative yet funny YouTube channel, we put the people in our industry first. We are grateful to have such a talented and dedicated team at 420 Science. Their passion and creativity inspire us to keep finding products and delivering excellent service.