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    New releases from 420 Science! Anytime we add a new product it shows up here and in whatever collection it belongs. Look forward to new pipes, vapes, and other essential cannabis enthusiast gear weekly! We've carefully picked gear that we would use ourselves, that's made with materials and processes that we trust, and that offers unique and interesting features that our customers want.

    We take the guesswork out of shopping for that perfect piece. At 420 Science, we are at the forefront of finding the best glass, coolest percolators, and water pipe styles that exist on the market today.

    If you want to know what piece best fits you, first take a look at what your needs are. What is your favorite way of enjoying your herb? Do you mainly use flowers or oils and concentrates? Perhaps you would like to find a piece that would be good for both?

    We carry an extensive selection of thick glass tubes for flowers and glass rigs for oils. We have an option to suit whatever needs you have, and we are adding new items every day.

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