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All of the herb grinders we have for sale are made with the highest quality materials and vary in size, color, and features. A high-quality grinder can make a big difference in your smoking experience. When all your dry herbs have a smooth grind your bowls and joints hit better and burn evenly.

We have the most popular style of 4-piece weed grinder in multiple variations with mesh screens, viewing windows, kief catchers, and big grinding chambers. We only carry metal grinders with sharp teeth that are the most well-made cannabis grinders on the market.

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The most common type of weed grinders that you’ll come across is a multi-piece grinder, the even more common type (and recommend) using 4-pieces. Each piece connects to one another in order to form sections that allow for grinding and storing.

In addition to grinding, most people often use grinder chambers for extra weed storage space. The top two pieces of the grinder are used for the actual grinding - the very top piece has multiple jagged teeth on the inner lid that, when twisted on top of the piece sitting below it, can fully grind your herb. The second piece that sits below this contains small holes that, once the weed has been grounded, pushes weed through where it falls into the grinder’s storing space.

Multi-piece grinders are the traditional type of grinder you will find, but these days you’ll also find automatic weed grinders like the OTTO automatic grinder which allows one to grind weed with just a push of a button - magical, huh?


While there are several great brands to choose from when selecting your next grinder, here are some of our favorite and go-to-brands to recommend: There’s a reason we stock these weed grinder brands - whether you’re looking for a grinder for smoking with more pieces or something less complex as a beginner, we’ve chosen the most reliable grinders for sale in our collection. Feel free to send us a question if you need help deciding which one is right for you!


Pieces: Looking for something simple that does the job? Pick up a simple but solid two-piece grinder. If you’re not looking to spend a fortune and are looking for the OG, then look no further. A 2-piece grinder will grind your weed and nothing more.

From there, you can level up to other multi-piece grinders and choose how you want your weed grinded - some grinders have diamond-cut teeth that will cut up your weed like it’s nobody’s business. Some come with mesh screens that sift out the large chunks of weed while preserving that extra potent kief.

If you want to make sure you are getting the maximum potential out of your bud, which if you’re spending a fortune on your weed at the dispensary, you’ll likely want to make that investment, go for weed grinders with more pieces — generally the more pieces the merrier, especially if these extra layers come with kief catcher and/or pollen scrapers.

Material: When you shop for weed grinders, you’re shopping for a staple so you want something that will last. However, a durable container isn’t enough to determine if you’ve found some high-quality weed grinders - one of the most important materials you’ll want to assess is the teeth of the grinder. These should be razor-sharp teeth to grind down the bulkiest of nuggets. Extra wide teeth will also allow your grinder to fluff your weed while grinding it into smaller pieces. Aluminum and Stainless Steel are some of the toughest materials you will find when looking for weed grinders.

Size: The larger the grinder, the more bud you can load in for a one-time grind. A big weed grinder starts around the 3-inch mark, so check for these specs when looking for a larger grinder.

Cannabis grinders are an essential tool for the day-to-day flower partaker. Whether you're getting ready to start up a session and need to roll up a joint or pack a bowl in your favorite bong, or even just loading up a quick hit in your one hitter, a consistent, clean grind of your bed is essential for a great smoke session.

Why Use a Grinder?

Besides making it quicker to get your weed ready to smoke, herb grinder enables smokers to get the most out of their cannabis. When trying to grind your weed DIY by hand, pollen and other cannabis plant matter easily gets stuck to your fingers. This can reduce the THC potency of your weed.

On the other hand, when using a grinder, all of the weed is kept within the grinder chamber, and many common types of weed grinders have a filter screen to catch every last particle so you can smoke up the full extent of your weed stash.

You will not meet a stoner or experienced smoker that doesn’t have a favorite grinder. Smokers make the investment of purchasing a grinder because it is a staple for any efficient session and for many of its other benefits.

By grinding up all of the herb, you can sprinkle your dry weed into your bowl with full potency and to the exact amount you would like to use. You can also pack the weed in your bowl tighter to gain greater control over how fast your bowl burns.

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