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Weed Jars: How to Pick the Perfect Jar for Your Bud

Picking out the perfect container for your little nugs or your big stash is crucial; that’s one of the reasons you're here, right? 420 Science was founded on the idea that everyone should use beautiful glass jars for cannabis storage. In fact, we are the official stash jar of all High Times Cannabis Cups. In this article, we focus on what you should examine about new storage containers for medical or recreational cannabis.
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Best Weed Jars to Keep Your Stash Fresh

When looking for a good stash jar, you want to consider how much weed you are storing and for how long. Do you blaze through an eighth every once in a while? Then we recommend an X-Small or Small jar in any of our styles. If you keep somewhere between a quarter to a half for a couple of weeks, then a medium or Large 420 Jar would be perfect for you. If you are lucky enough to require storage for a larger amount of cannabis, then we suggest a Large Wide mouth, XL UV or a Latch Top jar. The airtight and light tight (UV Jar) qualities of these jars will continue to keep your bud fresh for an extended period. If you are at the height of your game you can always fill up one of our glass apothecary jars or gasket sealed gallon jars.

How to Choose a Weed Jar Based on Size

The longer you keep your stash, the more you want to think about the airspace inside the jar. It's good to step down your nug's storage container based on what you have left to ensure that the quantity of air is limited. Having a selection of different sized airtight glass jars is the best investment for your stash. We also recommend using a Boveda Humidifier pack to regulate the moisture content of your jar if you keep your flowers for longer than a couple weeks.

To Show It Off– or Conceal It?

Beyond size and duration of storage, you should consider your storage conditions. Is this jar going in a cabinet or are you displaying your premium buds for all to see? If you need concealment and protection, then you may want to go with a UV or Amber Screw Top Jar. If you want all your friends to know how sweet your greens are without having to handle them, then show them off in style with a classy Pop Top or Wide Mouth Jar.

Choose a Cool Design for Your Weed Jar

Once you have decided on the appropriate jar size, the last step is to choose a design that fits your style. We have about 24 different designs to choose from, and we are constantly adding more to ensure our selection stays relevant and interesting. We have jars that express your interests, color preferences, sense of humor, even jars you can write on! If you’d just like to admire your bud, we do have blank jars available.

Regardless of the jar you choose, once you get that new bundle of 420 Jar joy, we will protect it for life with our Jar Replacement Guarantee. If you buy a jar from our online headshop and it breaks, snap a photo and let us know. We will send you a new one; all you have to do is pay for shipping. So have no fear, choose wisely and keep it fresh.

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