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Shopping for a Recylcer Dab Rig

What are Recycler Rigs?

Recycler rigs are one of the coolest and most enjoyable ways to enjoy dabs. While they look impressive, people do not always understand what the recycling function brings to dabbing. Recycler dab rigs can seem complicated but the purpose they serve is pretty straightforward; cool down the hit while providing an infinite, smooth draw.

What to Look For in a Recycler Dab Rig

Separate Tubes

We were blown away the first time we hit a genuinely well-made recycler rig. I had tried one before but the welds on the tubes went straight into the top piece instead of banking off the side. If the angle of the flow tubes is not set correctly then the recycler will just dump water back into the bottom from the top without that signature spinning action that quality recycler pipes are known for. Scientific Dab Rig Recyclers achieve their perfect hit by using separate tubes.

This separation allows heat to dissipate through repetitive water filtration and airflow. Recyclers feature backsplashes near the mouthpiece that ensure bubbles do not burst and cause water to get in your mouth. Dabbing veterans swear by the experience of glass recyclers because they take your low-temp rip to another level.

Large Bottom Chamber

mav glass recycler dab rig

The narrow tubes that transfer water around a recylcer rig can get dirty quickly if using it for dry herb or if you dab often. Don't be surprised if you find yourself needing to do cleaning and maintenance on a recycler more often than a bong.
Recycler rigs are a serious investment, and you should consider them as such. We provide a broad range of Recyclers that range from $50-$400 depending on your specifications.

Type of Perc

When picking out a recycler, first know your budget and then decide on what kind of perc you would like. The type of perc and the amount of an angle of the flow tubes will decide what kind of hit you get from your recycler. Do you want to restrict the flow some and create a long easy draw like a Klein Recycler? Or would you prefer a large and quick rip from a big smoke chamber like the Hourglass from Grav?

The type of perc inside a recycler can change the amount of drag and the intensity of the hit you take. A large percolator chamber will keep the water and bubbles moving and prevent a hit from being stored up which will result in a long and constant draw instead of one big hit. You can get a long smooth draw or use a recycler without a percolator and instead an empty bottom chamber to stack a big dab and make it easier to inhale.

Shop From 420 Science's Glass Recycler Rigs Collection

Each of 420 Science's recycler dab rigs is inspected for quality and consistency so that you know you are getting the best value for your money from many local United States glass artisans. It does not matter if you are new to Dabs or a seasoned vet, 420 Science has a quality made Recycler for you.

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