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420 Science, the Best Online Headshop

When you shop at our online head shop, you get fair prices, a procured selection, and ongoing deals. We curate our store constantly and make sure you can choose from a vast array of quality choices that would be unavailable to you in most head shops. Not all online smoke shops are equal, and 420 Science is the most trusted online headshop there is. In short, we are excellent to our customers.

We offer high-quality products, fair prices, and trusted customer service. We have free shipping over $49 and easy exchanges or returns. We also offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all 420 Science products like the 420 Scope, 420 Jars, RezBlock, Smoke Soap, and Wax Wallets.

The benefits of purchasing from a trusted online dealer cannot be denied. We offer unparalleled customer service and have guarantees on all our products that other headshops just don’t match. There is a LIFETIME GUARANTEE on all 420 Jars!!

Saving money is important when shopping for cannabis lifestyle accessories online. A pipe website like ours is your best option. While it is true that all online smoke shops will have discounted items, you will not find the exclusives and availability that we have anywhere else. We have the largest selection of Grav Labs. Even when it comes to shipping, we often beat our competitors and the total price spent to have your order arrive discreetly and conveniently at your home worth the cost. We have fast and discreet shipping. Your order will typically ship within 24 hours in an unmarked plain brown box.

The conveniences of online shopping have been revolutionizing the way we buy the products we want. This is just as true with purchasing new glass pipes, hand pipes, oil rigs, water pipes, grinders, bubblers, storage jars, pipe cleaners, rolling papers and other smoking accessories.

One of the greatest reasons to shop at an online smoke shop is for the great deals that we can offer our customers. Some local retailers may be able to offer you occasional deals or extras, but we consistently offer volume discounts and have new sales each month. We also have free gifts with purchases like 420 Jars, grinders and one hitters.

Availability is a major reason to order from our online shop as well. We always have inventory arriving from trusted names like Grav Labs, Hi Si, Puffco, ROOR, Dime Bags, Cali Crusher Grinders, STAX, Silver Surfer Vaporizers, Incredibowl, Home Blown Glass, Pax, Firefly Vaporizers and many other well respected and popular brands. We are always picking up new pipes from artists that are not available to everyone.

We have a super secure checkout, too! 128-bit SSL encryption protects the payment system, and entire back-end accounting system we use. This is the same level of encryption used by online banks. We do not keep your payment information on file, nor are we ever able to see your full credit card number. There is an option to save the card within your customer account, but even then it's fully encrypted and no one is ever able to see the full 16 digits.

Trust us, we have your back.

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