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How to Properly Store Dabs

How to Store Dabs, Shatter, and Wax Properly

How to Store Concentrates

Necessity is the mother of invention, and that is especially true with the cannabis community. It's no surprise that there has been an explosion of cannabis concentrate users and along with that comes new rigs to dab with and new vape pens to try. But how to store your concentrates has always been an issue that trails behind the use of concentrates.

What we used to do
Parchment paper was the go-to storage for dabs for quite a long time. Just fold your slab up a few times and toss it in a box or envelope and it would probably be okay. Just don't leave it in your car, sit on it, or tear the paper. Folding up dabs in parchment is a remnant from the black market sales of concentrates. In a pinch or for additional protection dabs are okay in parchment. The main reason to use it is for the non-stick properties it has, but silicone has triumphed over parchment paper for many reasons.

What we do now
The current trend is to keep each of your varieties of dabs in separate containers. Most dispensaries sell dabs in a tamper-proof glass container with a plastic lid. The problem with these glass containers is they are seen as disposable. Another popular method is small silicone concentrate holders that are heat and damage resistant as well as non-stick.

If you do decide to use one of these small storage devices, then you have to limit your dab purchase to the same amount the glass container will hold and dabs can stick to the glass. We need containers that can contain varying amounts of dabs.
dabs can stick to glass

Dab Storage: Where to Store Your Dabs

In a perfect world, we would be able to get dabs in bulk from the legal dab store and fill a reusable container, but as we all know we're just not there yet. In the meantime, the best option is to store your different dabs or large volume in a single container that has multiple compartments.

Silicone Containers for Dab Storage

Silicone is best for dabs, and as pointed out earlier, we also want protection from light, heat, and impacts to protect dabs completely. There are a few options to keep concentrates protected with a hardcover that has a variety of storage.

Years ago, we invented the wax wallet, a folding hard plastic clamshell with a silicone interior and cover. People have thoroughly enjoyed the wax wallets because they are more compact and damage resistant than typical silicone containers. We wanted to take that same stylish and protective dab storage to the next level, so we created the Wax Wallet XL. We know not everyone calls dabs wax anymore, but it's hard to get away from an alliterative name that sounds good.

The new extra-large dab storage container has a folding latch that locks it airtight. On the inside is platinum cured high-density silicone that has several indentions for multiple grams of dabs as well as individual dosing compartments and a large flat area for serving up your dabs. There is even a place to keep a small dab tool.


Wax Wallet dab storage

Where to store your dabs
Dabs storage has some similarities to weed storage with the exception that dabs are much more fragile than cannabis flower. A long-standing myth has been storing cannabis goods in the freezer, but unless you are making hash, this is a bad idea. Trichomes that contain cannabinoids and THC crystals in dabs can become brittle and shatter in extreme cold. If this happens, the potency of your buds can be severely reduced.


Storing Your Dabs and Concentrates in the Freezer? 

Store your weed and dabs in the fridge, not the freezer, and even then make sure it's not on a high setting. Heat and light are your enemies for sure when it comes to dab and cannabis storage. But cold can work against you too, and if you are cold storing your dabs in the wrong container, then moisture can damage your stash just as quickly. Any airspace in the container can result in condensation building up and moisture combining with your dabs is terrible news. Like most valuable consumables choosing a cool, dark place to store them is best.


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