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How to Get Rid of Weed Smell and the Science Behind It

How to Get Rid of the Smell of Weed

Type in "Weed smells like…" in the Google search bar, and some of the most interesting and familiar suggestions turn up. Our favorites are mint, lemon, cat pee, cheese, and rubber; also some scents your mother would recognize when you were in diapers.

It goes to show that humans have a varied set of interpretations when it comes to their sense of smell. Just as other flowers and herbs have varied scents, enjoyable, distasteful, and anywhere between, weed has its own bouquet of aromas. Usually, the more pungent and fragrant the cannabis, the higher its quality. It makes sense that cannabis enthusiasts "follow their noses" to a distinctive cultivar of preference.

Others may express less enthusiasm about your preference and turn up their noses in disgust at the potency of the "skunk" scent. Cannabis culture has its enthusiasts, just as wine and cheese culture have their enthusiasts. Not everyone loves dipping pizza in blue cheese dressing. Well, "weed dip" or "cannabis chew" also exists. Aside from preference, those in your life may also be sensitive to strong odors in general.

These reactions may require you to adjust how and when you consume cannabis, in addition to learning how to get rid of weed smell fast.

But Why Does Weed Smell So Much?

Dried cannabis is much stronger in scent than other dried plants. Weed smells differently at purchase, consumption, and post-consumption:

  1. Prior to harvest and consumption, many consumers and cultivation experts note that the plant gives off a weedy, piney scent that smells skunk-like as the plant ages.
  2. During consumption, the scent may vary depending on your use of it and how frequently you consume it. Baking weed brownies will create a different scent than lighting up in the car.
  3. Post-consumption, the scent lingers in everything it has "touched." If you baked weed brownies, you may be slightly concerned about your breath. If you lit up in the car, you will be concerned about the car's leather interior and the smell of your clothes; the smell even lingers in your hair.

The strongest determinant of cannabis pungency is the age of the plant when harvested. When a cannabis plant is harvested earlier in the life cycle, the scent is less "skunky" and much milder. Given the chance to grow older, before picking and drying, the cannabis plant will produce a stronger weed odor. Cannabis smells skunk-like due to one of its terpene components — myrcene, which is also present in other fragrant plants like bay leaf, hops, and thyme.

Particular compounds in certain strains of cannabis also affect its potency and its "bouquet" of aromas. According to Healthline, "Organic compounds called terpenes are found in all plants, including cannabis. Myrcene (mango), pinene (pine), and limonene (lemon) are terpenes found in some strains of cannabis. Terpenes change the scent of marijuana. For example, cannabis strains with pinene will smell more like pine."

According to some experts, there is no real way to distinguish between Indica and Sativa based on scent alone, partially due to crossbreeding of these two strains. However, one small study of note found that participants who purchased weed in the past few months could smell the difference between cannabis strains. In general, the term "earthy" was used, but researchers also found that "The most frequently used descriptors were from familiar categories of everyday experience such as woods, spices, florals, and citrus fruits, but also included such notes as diesel, skunk, pungent, and cheese." As of yet, there is no scientifically-defined "olfactory lexicon" despite the best efforts of researchers. (Participants did earn $20 for their efforts. Good for them.)

How Do I Hide the Smell of Weed?

The smell clings to your body, clothes, hair, and objects in your environment after a session. It can be helpful to vary your means of consumption as different weed products and how they are consumed also affect what they smell like to individuals. Luckily there are tool like weed smell remover and other methods for keeping things fresh.

Though smoking cannabis is less potent in terms of effects, the scent of smoked cannabis can come off more strongly to those in the general area. When you smoke, the smell is more likely to cling to your body, clothes, and hair. That's why a simple change of clothes won't do the trick to cover weed smoke. The scent can mix with the aroma of smoke and fire and amplify natural bodily odors. If you smoke synthetic weed, be aware that there is no standardized scent and any chemical could be present as synthetic weed production is not regulated.

You can also take precautions to vary your routine before a work event or use natural herbal cleaners to reduce the weed smell. There are many options to hide or reduce the smell of weed when you need. Use the following approaches to "blaze" when needed, cover weed smoke, and emerge fresh on the other end.

1. Eradicate Weed Smell on Your Body and in Your Hair

Weed smell sticks to your body, even your hair, like white on rice. Take a nice soak (or three) in a herbal bath and use a natural soap, maybe one with oats, to scrub away the pungent scent. For your breath, gargle mouthwash and locate a mint-flavored chewing gum.

The bathroom is also another opportunity to have a smoke session - shower steam from the hot water can help get rid of weed smell as it mixes with the smoke. For your body, cologne, perfume, and body spray are good options, but don't use too much! Essential oils are also a good alternative to dapple a little behind your ears, on your neck, and at your pulse points.

2. Use Airtight Jars to Seal Weed Smell

Airtight jars are an excellent way to secure pungent weed smells. You know the old school tactic where you place a Ziploc bag inside another Ziploc bag with a dryer sheet between them? It's time to ditch the baggie and modernize your cannabis "apothecary." Thoroughly seal the deal with 420 Jars of various sizes, with screw tops and wide mouths, as well as UV lids to preserve the quality of your cannabis.

3. Incense: Masking Weed Smell Technique of the Ancients and Hippies

What's just as pungent as weed smell, if not more? Incense.

Cover the weed smell in your space by lighting pungent incense, such as Nag Champa, sandalwood, or jasmine. You can also use this time to meditate and get your headspace clear and centered. Since incense typically comes at a dozen sticks or more per box, keep lighting the incense until you are in the clear. Break out the fans and open a few windows discretely. 

Combining incense with patchouli oil, peppermint oil, or lavender oil and other essential oils to get rid of weed smell can help transform the smell while also creating a more peaceful environment.

4. Odor Eliminators Get Rid of Weed Smell Fast

Yes, odor eliminators can do what they say when it comes to exorcising weed smell WHEN they are specifically designed for the task. Most solutions are under $20. Use the SmokeBuddy Personal Air Filter just like a regular one but for weed smell. Cannabolish Weed Spray and Cannabolish Weed Candles will all help eliminate odors. Each of these methods also uses natural and potent ingredients to eradicate the smell of weed while creating a calming atmosphere. Goodbye dank stank, and hello crisp, freshness.

5. Clean Your House With Cannabis Motivation

Did you know that weed smell can also penetrate hard surfaces? When targeting weed smell with cleaning supplies, ensure that you are wiping down your countertops, furniture, and fixtures in your session spot. Natural, all-purpose cleaners with pungent essential oils are great for this!

Some individuals become wildly productive when consuming cannabis products. Use this opportunity to get your chores done. By the end, the clean smells will overpower the cannabis scents.

Aside from attempts to hide weed smell, consider varying consumption methods along with your routine. What does your week ahead look like and what method of cannabis consumption aligns with that? For example, you don't want to stay up smoking if you have an important meeting with a client the next day; consider edibles.

Enjoying your favorite strain of cannabis does not have to come with worries of offending others with weed smell post-consumption. A little thought, prevention, and after-care go a long way to making the most of meeting your weed needs without causing others to constantly pinch their noses.

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