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All of our dab rigs for sale are hand-picked and are the best pieces the industry has to offer. We carry both affordable oil rigs and high-end glass dab pipes for collectors and enthusiasts. 

We test each rig we carry to ensure they perform well and are made with care. When we find something we like, we buy enough of them to offer to you at a fair price.

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Dabbing rigs are made with smaller chambers and percolators than a bong. Dab rigs come in various designs and styles, and dab accessories can vary depending on your preferred dab setup. Here’s what to know before your next smoke session!

What are Dabs

Dabs are cannabis concentrates made from the isolated cannabinoids and terpenes from cannabis. Dabs are also often referred to as wax, shatter, distillate, and diamonds. Dabs can come in a wide variety of consistencies and terpene profiles.

What is a Dab Rig?

A dab rig or oil rig pipe is made for use with concentrates rather than ground herb. Concentrates require less water filtration and are more flavorful when filtered through a smaller water pipe than a giant bong, so dab rigs tend to be smaller than bongs. Rigs are made to be fitted with quartz bangers that can be heated to vaporize concentrates.

How Does a Dab Rig Work?

A wax rig functions similarly to a bong. The exception is that a hit is not stored up inside it and then taken all at once. Instead, when hitting an oil rig, the goal is to get a consistent draw that lasts a long time and is the perfect temperature. 

A dab tool is used to place some dabs into a quartz banger that is pre-heated or heated once the dab is placed. The banger is covered to increase airflow and temperature. Once the dabs start to vaporize, you inhale through the mouthpiece so the vapor can be percolated, and then you can inhale the hit.

Why Use a Dab Rig

Does dabbing get you higher? Dabbing is a more effective way of using cannabis than smoking or vaporizing dried cannabis flowers. Compared to dry flowers, concentrates are much more potent, with specific concentrates surpassing 80% or even 90% THC.

Point blank; dabs get you higher than smoking weed. Potency is the main attraction for many people, but there are many reasons why dabs are considered superior to the traditional ground herb.

Taste is a huge reason why people enjoy dabbing. The terpene concentration in dabs is highly flavorful, and most first-time dabbers experience an explosion of cannabinoid flavors along with the significant upgrade in potency.

It's also important to note that dabbing does not combust the material placed into the banger when done correctly. As dabs melt, the THC and terpenes vaporize. Dabbing is a much purer form of inhalation than combustion, which has tons of particulates and carbons in it that you don't want to breathe.

Depending on your usage levels, dabbing can last a lot longer than dried cannabis because of the smaller amount of dabs required to get you blazed.

Types of Dab Rigs

Several dab rigs range from the basic banger hanger to the complex recyclers with multiple percolation tubes.

Dab Straws

Also often referred to as Nectar Collectors, dab straws are the most straightforward glass pipe you can use. They are made of a straight glass piece with a mouthpiece and narrow tip that is heated and placed into dabs to get a hit.


Electronic dab rigs do all the work for you - wondrous inventions like the Puffco Peak are fine-tuned to reach the ideal temperature and vaporize with mechanical precision. 


Often seen as the pinnacle of modern dab design, recycler rigs are complex and impressive. Recycler rigs have a unique percolation system that keeps water constantly moving to create never-ending percolation.

Oil Rigs with Fixed Downstems 

A fixed downstem rig is more durable because of the anchored percolation in the bottom chamber of the rig. These rigs tend to have a lower profile and basic design and are called banger hangers.

Wax Rigs with Percs

Filtration is less of an issue with dabbing, but if you take large dabs or do so often, then a rig with good percolation is best. Percolator dab rigs cool down the vapor and filter it for a smoother hit.


These dab rigs are made with durability and versatility in mind. Silicone rigs can be dropped, folded, heated, and are available in many colors.

What Type of Rig is Best for Dabs

Choosing the best dab rig is all about your specific preferences. There is no one best rig in the world, but there are many dab rigs out there that are perfect for you, depending on your tastes and preferences.

One of the best rigs to start dabbing with is a banger hanger. A small or mini rig is a good oil rig to begin your collection. A banger hanger-style rig is elevated by the quality of the quartz banger connected to it. 

Quartz bangers are dab nails if you still happen to use that phrase. Quartz or ceramic is the most preferred dab heating element, but titanium is still used for some setups like Mininails and other e-nails. 

The most important things to consider about a quartz banger are the joint size of your dab rig and the angle the banger will hang. Most dab rigs feature a female joint that takes either a 14 millimeter or 10-millimeter banger.

The next most important aspect of a quartz banger is the angle it hangs from the rig. Most will be a straight 90-degree bend, but some rigs have a 45-degree angle.

Think about where you will be using your wax rig. You may be moving your glass rig often, or it may sit at home on your desk to be used reliably every day. We offer rigs made for transport and large, elaborate rigs that are champions of design and functionality. Color and style matter; this is your rig, you should be proud of it. You'll find just the setup you want in our curated collection.

How Much Does a Dab Rig Cost

A dab rig can be an investment, but we carry affordable options as well as top-shelf designs. The 420 Science collection contains a vast range of full color and color accented rigs from glassmakers in America and abroad.

One thing that surprises people about the cost of a typical dab rig is that it's similar to buying a bong that is twice the size. Keep in mind that they are made to have maximum filtration in a small space. Dab rigs are made with heavy glass tubing and are usually more durable than a bong because of their small size. 

The 420 Science online head shop has a wide variety of dab rigs and dabbing tools to ensure that your dab sessions are enjoyable and efficient.

Unlike other online smoke shops and fly-by-night hucksters trying to rip you off in exchange for some crap water pipe with a thin wall and a shitty super-breakable soda glass bowl, we only offer quality pieces for your smoke sessions.

420 Science is the most trusted online head shop. We've been selling stash jars and pipes to people since you started smoking weed, maybe before. We have a fantastic customer service team that only cares about making sure you get the smoking piece of your dreams in your hands as smoothly as possible.

All of our glass has been hand-picked and inspected by our team. Within that selection, many possible rigs could be the best for you. We take pride in procuring the best quality handmade pieces that have a thick wall and strong welds.

Dab Rig Accessories and Tools You’ll Need

Your dab setup can be elegant or as complex as you like your session to be. Some people want to create intricate stations that are always ready to go.

At the very minimum, you will want a dab rig, a torch, and a banger. But if you're going to get a solid dab setup, you can also include dab tools, a dab mat, and a cotton swab holder.

Nails and Tools

Dab tools come in a variety of styles and can be made of metal or glass. These tools help you pick up a portion of dabs and place them in the banger.

Dab Torches

Dab torches heat your dab nail to a temperature capable of vaporizing concentrates. Torches have adjustable flames and refillable butane tanks.

Quartz Bangers

A quality quartz banger will make a world of difference in the heating and vaporization process. Some quartz nails have beveled edges so that carb caps are more stable when placed in them.

Carb Caps

There are many types of carb caps that increase the airflow and temperature of your banger to make vaporization smoother and more effective. Directional airflow carb caps can help push dabs around the quartz bucket to ensure that every last drop is vaporized.

Storage and Bags

A hardshell case or soft case will extend the life of your dab rig and allow you to take it on adventures. Some dab rig bags have additional storage for torches and dab tools, and some hardshell cases are modular and can 

be customized to your needs.

Dab Storage

Most dabs come in a container, but you may often not want to travel around with your whole stash. Dab storage cases let you portion out your dabs ahead of time or keep a variety on hand.


Keeping your dab rig clean and the water fresh is essential to having a pleasurable session. Cleaners remove the layers of stuck-on resins that can build up inside the joints and percolators of your pipe. Some dab rig cleaners are all-natural, while others are solvent-based.

Iso Swab Jars

A jar of isopropyl alcohol and some cotton swabs are handy to keep near your dab rig to keep the banger clean. An Iso swab jar will guarantee you always have a clean banger.

We're Here to Help You Find Your Next Piece

Getting into dab rigs can be super fun. Oil rigs come in such a wide variety of shapes and designs that beginning a collection is easy.

Dab rig sessions are slightly different from bong sessions with friends because each person will often have their own rig when dabbing. Each person bringing their rig lets everyone show off their glass rig and collection.

If you still feel like you're not sure what the best pipe is for you, contact us, and we will be happy to help! You can reach out to us through our contact us page. We have an extensive and constantly curated selection of quality pipes and accessories, free shipping over $79, and we make sure everything arrives quickly and discreetly. In other words, choosing 420 Science as your online head shop is probably one of the best decisions you could ever make in your entire adult life.

The 420 Science Dab Rig collection contains a huge range of full color and color accented rigs from glassmakers in America and abroad. We look for pieces that have low water lines, simple and efficient and both scientific and heady features. All of our glass has been hand-picked and inspected by our team. Within that selection, there are many possible rigs that could be the best for you. We take pride in procuring the best quality handmade pieces that have a thick wall and strong welds. Consider where will you be using your rig. You may be moving your rig often, or it may sit at home on your desk to be used reliably every day as your daily driver that gets you just where you want to be in the morning. We offer both pipes that are compact for transport as well as large, elaborate rigs that are champions of design and functionality. Color and style matter; this is your rig, you should be proud of it. You'll find just the color you want and have the kind of detail that satisfies your eye.

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