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How to Roll a Perfect Blunt [Step-by-Step Guide]

Welcome to the dank and wonderful world of rolling blunts. If you're interested in learning how to roll a blunt, then this article will teach you all about it and even more useful tips for improving your smoke sessions. Blunt rolling is an art that has variety and style. With enough practice, you can roll cannabis cigars that will last for long sessions and get a room of people stoned. We'll talk about how to roll the perfect blunt and then cover all the variations of ingredients and blunt wraps you can use.

What is a Blunt?

Blunts are cannabis cigars. A blunt is different from a joint in a couple of ways. Unlike joints rolled with thin paper, blunts are rolled with a tobacco cigar wrap or another heavy paper or leaves from another plant such as hemp or palm. Blunts are more substantial than even a king-sized joint and use more weed. Also, blunts produce a different type of high because they often include the addition of nicotine.

packing a blunt

Benefits of Smoking Blunts

Blunts can be polarizing in the cannabis community. Much like the intensity of a bong rip is not for everyone, the intense flavor and aroma produced by a slow-burning blunt can be overwhelming for some. A big draw for some blunt smokers is the addition of tobacco. The leaf used for the exterior wrap is typically from a cigar. This tobacco wrap provides a nicotine high that some find stimulating.

The flavor from a blunt is dank and resinous because of the length and the type of rolling paper. The taste from a blunt has a lingering smoky flavor mixed with the citrus and pine notes from the cannabis. Halfway through smoking a blunt a noticeable flavor change occurs once resins have built up in the cannabis cigar and the hit becomes more robust and more intense. This hard-hitting potency combined with a slow-burn makes a blunt perfect for long smoke sessions or smoking with a group. A joint might burn up after a few passes, but a blunt will keep on smoking.

Materials Needed for Rolling the Perfect Blunt

Blunt rolling is often done while on the move, during a party, a road trip, or outdoors. Often you’ll see a person rolling a blunt over a magazine, kitchen table, or just over their lap because blunts tend to be a spontaneous way to smoke. The minimum list of things you need to roll a blunt is short but it can involve as much as joint rolling if you want to maximize your experience.

blunt rolling tools

Best Blunt Wraps to Roll With

There are quite a lot of options for what type of wrap you will roll a blunt. The type of wrap you use will have the biggest impact on the flavor and size of the blunt. People are very opinionated on what is the best blunt wrap. It all depends on whether you want a strong tobacco flavor or a focus on cannabis. Here is a list of the strongest to least tobacco flavor and nicotine levels you will encounter in a blunt wrap. The last wraps on the list are made with other plant leaves and contain no tobacco.

  • Backwoods Smokes- These are cheap and easily split cigars. They are made from dark and robust tobacco.
  • Dutch Masters- Another robust tobacco cigar that has a lighter wrap but the interior tobacco is strong.
  • White Owl- Medium flavored tobacco and available in many standard flavors.
  • Swisher Sweets- These come with a tip that can be reused when you roll the blunt up and have a medium body flavor.
  • Zig-zag- These wraps have a light flavor and a low amount of nicotine.
  • King Palm- Made with palm leaves and has a corn husk filter. They can hold a lot of weed and smoke slow.
  • Higher Standards- A hemp wrap means that you are rolling up your cannabis with a wrap that will deliver a similar flavor profile. They resist tearing and wrinkling well.


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How to Roll a Blunt

splitting the blunt

Step 1: Start with a Fresh Wrap or Split and Empty a Cigar or Cigarillo

If you have a cigar with tobacco inside, you will want to carefully cut open the cigar length-wise and dump out the tobacco. If you are a fan of the flavor, you may want to keep a small amount of the tobacco to sprinkle with the cannabis, but be warned that cigar tobacco is strong and not meant for deep inhalation like cannabis. Cigar smoke is held in the mouth and then exhaled for flavor.

flatten blunt wrap

If you have a wrap which is just the outside leaf that comes by itself like in the case of higher-standards wraps, you will want to remove any lining it may come with and unravel and flatten it. You'll notice that a blunt wrap is more narrow than a joint paper in most cases. The more narrow shape prevents the wrap from folding over itself too much and becoming too thick to burn smoothly.

Step 2: Grind Your Cannabis

break up weed

In order to roll a perfect blunt It's essential to pay attention to the coarseness of your ground herb. The right amount of grinding will get you cannabis that is the perfect size to burn evenly in the blunt. Cannabis that is ground for a blunt should be a medium grind. Grinding too finely will cause the blunt to burn too hot and quickly. The best blunts stay lit but burn slowly from one end to the other. To get a medium grind, you can use a weed grinder with larger holes or make sure that you only turn the grinder a few times.

weed for a blunt

How Much Weed Should You Put in Your Blunt?

Blunts can get pretty big, but if you are going for a typical Swisher-sized blunt, then a gram of cannabis will be plenty. If you are rolling up a party-sized blunt, you will need more weed, but you can also add tobacco, dabs, or kief to the mix. A blunt rolled with a split and emptied cigar will be smaller than one rolled with a blunt wrap. Blunt wraps are made specifically for smoking cannabis and are larger than the one you get from taking apart a cigar.

Our Favorite Weed Grinders for Rolling Blunts

Weed grinder

420 Science Grinder

This is a tremendous all-around grinder. The holes in the grinder are medium size, so they allow the right kind of ground herb to fall through to the collection chamber below. You can still achieve a fine grind with this grinder by spending more time grinding.


Tired of clunky, overpriced grinders that don’t even look good? Behold the majesty of ONGROK grinders! These bad boys are crafted from aircraft-grade, premium-quality aluminum, delivering durability without compromising style. These grinders are powerful. With 33 triangular-shaped teeth, you have the power to customize your grind from medium to fine, ensuring the perfect consistency every time.

Santa Cruz Eco Shredder

The eco-friendly Santa Cruz shredder is made from hemp plastic and has blunted grinding teeth that are ideal for breaking apart your bud to just the right medium grind for a blunt.

blunt wrapping

Step 3: Wet the Blunt Wrap

A blunt wrap is dry and crisp, especially when you start with the one that contained tobacco. Wet the blunt wrap slightly with a small amount of water. You can do this easily by just getting your hand wet and running your fingers across the blunt paper. Ideally, the wrap will be flexible and pliable but not tear. Shape the flat paper into a “V” or half-cylinder shape so that it can easily hold your ground up weed.

load the blunt

Step 4: Load up the Blunt

The way to load a blunt is to sprinkle the ground cannabis evenly across the cavity in the wrap like you are filling up a ditch. If you are adding tobacco, mix it evenly into the weed to ensure a smooth flavor. This is the point where you can supercharge your blunt by sprinkling kief over the ground cannabis or even crumbling dabs across the middle of the blunt. Once you have your smoking mix settled into the open blunt, it's time to get to rolling it up.


roll up the blunt

Step 5: Roll the Blunt

Here we go, blunt rolling! Start by squeezing and rolling the blunt between your two fingers with both hands on the mouthpiece end of the blunt. Keep squeezing and shaping going down the length of the blunt. This will help pack the cannabis and start to form it into the correct shape. Once the blunt is shaped, carefully tuck the bottom side over and behind the cannabis to roll up the blunt into a cylinder shape. The wetness from the blunt wrap should keep it together once you fold it over but you may need to remoisten the top edge of the blunt so it sticks well when you roll it up.

blunt rolled

If the blunt feels stiff or begins to crack, gently apply a drop of water to it in the needed areas. Don’t worry about getting any of the cannabis wet inside because we are going to dry out the blunt before it's smoked. If your blunt cracks or rips during the rolling process, you can use the adhesive part from a joint paper to fix it, or you may want to start over.


sealing a blunt

Step 6: Seal the Blunt Wrap

Sealing the blunt is a step that is extremely important that some people forget or don't realize is needed. If you try and smoke your blunt right now while it still has a lot of moisture in the wrap it will be hard to keep lit and burn unevenly. Once your blunt is rolled, it needs to be dried out some to have that smooth burning action that makes blunts so enjoyable. You can leave it alone to sit in the sun for about ten minutes and that will do the trick, or you can run a lighter’s flame quickly across the edges of it from a few inches away to dry it out. When using a lighter make sure to hold the flame far enough away from the blunt to not burn it.

smoking blunt

Light Up and Enjoy

Once the blunt is dry, it's time to light up one end and get to toking. A perfectly rolled blunt will burn longer than a joint and usually deliver a bigger hit. You may want to save it for more than one session, but keep in mind the resinous flavor will intensify the next time you smoke it. The bold flavor and more extended session make blunts excellent for enjoying with a group of friends. Also if you are smoking up indoors remember that the smell from a blunt is very distinct and will linger longer than a bong rip or even joint smoke.

pre-rolled blunt wrap

Different Ways to Wrap Blunts

Cigarillos and blunt wraps are readily available from your corner store and are the staple foundation of blunt rolling. There are some other ways to make a blunt without actually having to roll one. If rolling is difficult, you can pack the blunt by using a pre-rolled wrap like those available from Higher standards or King Palm. These already rolled blunt wraps need to be filled with ground weed. They usually take a bit more than a traditionally rolled blunt, so get ready for a long smoke session.

Pre-rolled wraps have filters that make smoking even smoother and more enjoyable. You can add a paper filter or a premium glass filter to any blunt during the rolling step like you would a joint. Glass filters can be reused and open up the airpath in a blunt to create a steady stream of smoke while inhaling. Glass filters are made from durable borosilicate glass and have pinches or restrictions to prevent ash or particulates from getting into your mouth. A filter makes sharing a blunt nicer, too, since the end can become very resinous and hard to handle.

twaxing a blunt

Now It's Your Turn to Create a Perfectly Rolled Blunt

With practice, you will be able to whip up a dank blunt in no time that you and your friends can enjoy for a long smoke sesh. Blunts can get more complex with more wraps to create more enormous blunts or even shapes. Expert blunt rolling is a fun and rewarding skill to master, and we are happy to help you get better. Our smoking gear collections are ready to get you rolling blunts and joints in style. Let us know if you have any questions, and if you want to know more about rolling or anything in the cannabis world, check out our other articles here or send us a message. Happy blunt smoking!

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