Honeybee Herb Black Line Honey & Milk Bevel Whirlwind Sidecar Quartz Banger

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$ 44.99 $ 44.99

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Want to know what one of our favorite Quartz Bangers here at Honeybee Herb is? It's the Honey and Milk Bevel Whirlwind Sidecar!

This beautiful bucket-style sidecar dab banger features a seamless weld, 3mm thickness, and an opaque bottom for better heat retention. What really sets this sidecar apart is that there are two holes drilled at the perfect angle to allow an amazing level of airflow into this Quartz Banger. This banger nail allows you to cap the top with a marble 25mm or larger to block airflow from the top and only allow airflow to be drawn in through the angled slits. This function and airflow are ideal for completely and properly vaporizing your quartz nails.

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