Medium Pop-Top - Jesus Bud

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Killer Jars

We're excited to feature art from the renowned psychedelic artist Killer Acid in our newest 420 Jar designs. For this collaboration, he's created bold designs that harken back to a time filled with smoke and technicolor. Check out or hit up @Killeracid on Instagram to check out more of his far-out trippy artwork.

Did Jesus smoke weed? We have no idea, but we're of the mind that it would be cooler if he did. The Jesus Bud is the incarnation of the Weed God in the form of a man walking upon the earth explicitly to get you stoned, praise be.

Medium sounds like just the right amount and it is. You can solidly fit a half of herb in a medium stash jar if you decide to put more and cram it, we've seen it done before. Its easy to get your fingers in a medium jar and find just the right size nug. You may find that when this jar is full its a tight fit, but once the nugs inside start to get used you'll be surprised how roomy it becomes. Medium stash jar tend to be the most dense and toughest of jar sizes because they have thick walls and a dense build.

Pop-tops best quality is their balance of air tightness and ease of opening and closing. You know these jars are keeping your nugs fresh when you hear the pop as you open the lid.


  • Machine Blown Glass
  • Permanent Glass Decals
  • Glass Lid w/ Airtight Plastic Gasket
  • Holds: 1/3 oz (10.0 g) | 7 fl oz (200 ml)
  • Made in the USA
  • Check out our Killer Acid Collection