GRAV Hammer Bubbler w/Color Accents

$ 51.99


$ 51.99 $ 51.99


Color Amber

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Bigger is Better

This is the big brother of the Basic Bubbler made by GRAV, and it likes to party. Perfect for long, filtered hits while on the go or on the back porch. A bubbler is the perfect hybrid of a spoon and a bong. Big bowl, big chamber, big hits.

If you're not quite ready to step up to a bong or you just want to be less conspicuous rather than having a four-foot glass tube hanging out somewhere in your house. A bubbler will give you steady and smooth hits without the kick clearing a water pipe hit. It's the best of both worlds



  • Etch decal
  • Large glass bubbler pipe
  • Stands vertical and rests on feet and mouthpiece
  • Total length: 7.5in
  • 38mm base

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