ONGROK Aluminum Grinders

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$ 54.99 $ 54.99
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ONGROK Aluminum Grinder- Look Good While Grinding

Tired of clunky, overpriced grinders that don’t even look good? Behold the majesty of ONGROK grinders! These bad boys are crafted from aircraft-grade, premium-quality aluminum, delivering durability without compromising style. These grinders are powerful. With 33 triangular-shaped teeth, you have the power to customize your grind from medium to fine, ensuring the perfect consistency every time. The ONGROK Aluminum Grinder is not just a grinder - it's a storage case, too. Thanks to the neodymium-magnet, your precious herb stays safe and fresh, locked inside until you're ready to unleash its full potential.


- Construction: Multi-chamber, friction milling grinder

- Material: Durable, aircraft-grade aluminum

- Storage Capacity: Holds up to 3.5 grams

- Safety Features: Quarter-turn locking function, magnetic lid

- Grip: Diamond knurled cap for a non-slip grip

- Additional Accessories: Bonus brush and guitar pick scoop

- Cleaning: Removable screen for easy cleaning

- 5 Piece Grinder

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