420 Jars & Weed Storage

We have been making high-quality stash jars for over a decade. Our selection of hand-decorated airtight weed storage jars is guaranteed to keep you and your herbs happy. We started with cannabis containers and we still focus on having the best performing, best-looking weed jars in the world.


What's even better is that a 420 Jar is the last stash jar you'll ever need to own. Our lifetime guarantee assures you that no matter what happens to your jar if you snap a picture and let us know we'll get a replacement out to you the next day. 

When looking for a good stash jar, you want to consider how much herb you are storing and for how long. Do you blaze through an eighth every once in a while? There are a few questions you should ask. If you want to know more about picking out the right jar, then take a look here.

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