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The Resin Preventer

There’s something about a water pipe coated with resin that just makes us feel dirty. That’s why we change our water every day. But that’s not all. Not by a long shot. We also use RezBlock. Just a few drops help prevent the resin from building up. It keeps our pieces clean, and our hits fresh and delicious.

When you add RezBlock to your water, it prevents the resins from sticking to the glass and instead they float in the water allowing you to pour out that gunk along with the ash and other particulates you don't want. RezBlock is completely organic, which means you'll need to change your water out regularly. With RezBlock and regular water changes, you'll see drastically less buildup in your bong.

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  • Up to 60 uses per bottle
  • Contains fruit extracts, vegetable glycerin, purified water, citric acid
  • Won't affect the taste
  • Just a few drops needed with every water change
  • 15ml of solution
  • Get RezBlock Mini for on-the-go use or stock up and save with RezBlock XL
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Steve L.
United States


Works just like it says it does. Awesome

Thomas L.
United States United States

Hard to get excited about

I see a difference and can appreciate its action.

Alexzandria R.
United States United States


Ummm, this stuff is AMAZING. Makes cleaning my pieces a breeze, all I have to do now is empty them and then swish some water in there and then it's clean! Oh and it also is a red liquid so it makes your water look cool!

N. Cunningham
United States United States

Must Have For Any Glass Water Pipe

In the last 3 yrs I've purchased #2 of the smaller 15ml bottles and recently #1 of the XL 30ml bottles. Typ this stuff will last a few months changing out your water weekly. This stuff really works and one time I let my 12" beaker go for about 4months and even after all that just a quick wash with warm water and about 30 secs of Formula 420 cleaner and it was like new. If you change your water every week or sooner then all you should have to do is run hot water through it and your done. This stuff basically coats the glass inside the pipe making it so the Rez won't stick to the sides of the pipe and all the tar & Rez are basically stuck in the water. This stuff is alittle bit expensive IMO, but it's worth it to a serious smoker and it will last a while. I recommend this to all my friends and family that may need something like this to aid in their glass cleaning. I will add that new RezBlock water does change the taste a tiny bit the first day or a couple bowls. Also sometimes this stuff lasts forever without growing any slime and other times within a week it has stuff floating around. Typically if I fill up 12oz of water I put in 14-18 drops and that seems to be the sweet spot for my needs.