Skunk Smell Proof Face-Off Backpack

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$ 129.99


Color Girl on Fire

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Skunk FaceOff Bags - Style, Versatility, and Odor Control

Take your odor control to the next level with the larger version of the Skunk FaceOff Bag. This stash bag offers even more space and functionality while maintaining the premium smell-proof technology you expect.

The bag features an activated carbon lining, providing 100% odor-proof protection, ensuring no unwanted scents escape. The dust-free lining throughout the bag adds a layer of cleanliness and protection for your belongings.

Like its smaller counterpart, the larger FaceOff Bag offers interchangeable face options, allowing you to switch up your style and make a statement. Choose from a range of designs to suit your mood and personality.

Practicality is key with this bag as well. It includes two side pockets, two side zipper pockets with a netting pocket inside, a top pocket, a back notebook pocket, and a zipper pocket inside the main compartment. The double zipper on the main compartment provides easy access to your essentials, while the zipper combination lock offers added security.


  • Dimensions: 18 in x 6 in x 9.5 in
  • Premium activated carbon lining for 100% smell proof
  • Dust-free lining throughout the bag
  • Interchangeable face options
  • 2 side zipper pockets with netting pocket inside
  • 1 top pocket
  • 1 back notebook pocket
  • Double zipper on the main compartment
  • Zipper combination lock on the main compartment
  • Comes with 1 free standard black cover