Kannastor GR8TR V2 Pocket Grinder System

$ 48.99
$ 48.99
Color Bright Silver

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Pocket-Sized Weed Grinder

The Kannastor pocket grinder is packed with features and options despite being a small grinder. Shorter than a Bic lighter and still five pieces this grinder can be broken down into a two-piece for simple use or serve as a complete storage solution.

The V2 Pocket GR8TR provides effortless grinding, storage capacity, and customization. The result is the impressive and ultra-streamlined GR8TR 2.0 Pocket grinder. This model of the GR8TR has the most features in a small grinder.

This grinder is ideal for general use like grinding weed for pipe bowls or rolling joints. You can even keep some fresh bud in the top under the lid plate. A small and versatile grinder like this makes a great backup to your everyday big grinder and you can carry this one with you if needed.


  • 5 piece grinder made from aerospace-grade aluminum
  • Height: 1.75in
  • Medium grade grinder plate
  • Magnetic seal
  • Storage section in top
  • Easy Change Screen/Chamber NOT included.