Green Bear 14in Zen Sandblasted Beaker Bong

$ 129.99
$ 129.99 $ 129.99
Color Blue

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A Big Beautiful Bong

We have a large selection of Beaker Bongs because they are our favorite style of bong. But within that collection, there is a multitude of beakers with different designs and aesthetics. The Zen Sandblasted bong is among the most chill looking beakers we carry. The Swirling lines and gentle colors put you at ease as you take huge puffs from this thick-walled beaker.

The narrow body and steep angle on this beaker pipe provide many options for a water line. This bong hits great on a tilt and provides a large area to milk a hit into even with a large volume of water in it.


  • Height: 14in
  • Base width: 5in
  • 5mm borosilicate
  • 14mm ground joint
  • 14mm funnel bowl included
  • Side slotted downstem
  • Color glass on the mouthpiece
  • Sand etched pattern