Geo's Glass Bent-Neck Honeycomb Shredder - Sunset Slyme CFL

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$ 129.99

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Bent Mouthpiece Bong

Geo's glass is a pipe maker located in Omaha, NE. They make quality American glass bongs, rigs, and hand pipes. The Shredder slices up big hits into smooth and tasty smoke that doesn't have any harshness. The Shredder bent-neck mouthpiece glass bong has two stacked disc percs that work by offsetting the waterline in the pipe. When you inhale the water moves up through the second perc and double-percolates your hit to perfection. The color bowl, mouthpiece, and base all tie together beautifully.

This piece is made with what is called CFL or 'Shifty' glass which appears as different colors in flourescent white light or sunlight compared to normal yellow indoor lighting. Sunset Slyme makes a seemingly impossible transition from an Orange Sunset to a Green Slyme that will completely blow your mind.


  • Approximate Height: 10in
  • Base width: 4in
  • 14mm female ground joint
  • 14mm bowl included
  • Sunset Slyme CFL glass
  • Transitions from translucent green to transluscent orange
  • Made by Geo's glass in Omaha