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Improving Your Cannabis Sessions With the Best Gear

Having the ideal cannabis experience is a magical thing. A perfectly packed bowl or hand rolled joint of premium weed at peak freshness along with the right set and setting can create a memorable and enjoyable moment that can seem to last forever. Having an excellent session takes the right tools and careful preparation. Here's how to do it every time.

Start Fresh

Use a 420 Jar to store your cannabis. Storing your weed in a glass container will prevent mold, regulate airflow, and keep out damaging sunlight. We recommend separating your daily stash from your long-term storage, and we would have to agree with that. Both short-term and long-term storage involve preventing air and light from reaching your buds. You should occasionally open your jar to introduce some fresh air now and then! Controlling the amount of oxygen and light that enters your buds helps preserve their potency and maintains their cannabinoid and terpene profiles.

The best way to prevent mold exposure on your cannabis is with the help of a 420 Jar and humidity regulating pack. An Integra Boost featured in both 8-gram and 67-gram packs, both of which when used together can help to make sure that your product is stored safely and protected from higher humidity levels and that unwanted mold growth. Additionally, the humidity packs come with indicator strips that let you know when the packets need to be replaced to help guarantee that the quality of your cannabis is protected.

Have a stash box or drawer that you can keep all your essential session gear in. We love the different bags made by RYOT, Dimebag, and Skunk, but keeping a well-organized tray in a drawer in an option too. Here are our favorite bags to keep all your smoking gear arranged and ready to use.

420 jars

Skunk Sling bag- There are tons of storage options inside and out of the Sling. You can clip or slide gear in the outer clip loops or stow everything in one of two pockets that entirely smell proof.

Dime Bags pouch- They look good, store everything you want, and they come in a tone of colors and styles that make them the first choice for many cannabis enthusiasts. Dime and Nickel bags will store your gear at a low cost and still look great.

Ryot Duffle- This all-purpose bag is ideal for one or more pieces. Interchangeable Velcro padding allows you to swap around storage options and plan for your adventure. This is some serious storage for those who know how to bring the party.

420 storage bags

Use the Right Tools

What a person uses to smoke or vape out of is a very personal choice that involves many considerations. Mainly, how do you want to ingest your weed? If you are classic combustion smoker, then you have the most options with papers, chillums, pipes, and bongs to choose from. If tech is your thing, then a handheld vaporizer or dab pen may be right for you. And if you just like going to space, then choosing a desktop vaporizer or dab rig is essential. No matter what your preference, here are the top performing items in each category to get you blazed.

Best Hand pipe: Helix Classix

Hitting a Helix is a unique experience. Learning how to keep the hit perfectly spinning while you inhale in a magical skill that takes practice and patience. Lucky you.

Best Compact Vaporizer: Pax 3

The Pax 3 provides superior quality in portable, handheld vaporizer technology. Great for stealthy toking almost anywhere. Pax 3 is the cutting edge of dry herb vaporizing. When you get your Pax from 420 Science it comes with all the additional gear you need.

pax 3 deal

Best Portable Dab Rig: Puffco Peak

The Puffco Peak is revolutionary for many reasons. Not only does it unlock the real power of concentrates, providing the fullest expression of the potency, flavor, and effects of the plant they're derived from, its unrivaled in style too. You get the most efficient and enjoyable experience, faster and easier than ever before, with no learning curve.

Best Dab Pen: Puffco Plus

With a newly re-designed extendable mouthpiece, Puffco Plus delivers the perfect combination of flavor and discrete vapor for the dedicated connoisseur on the go. No coils. No adhesives. No compromises.

Best Bong: STAX Whirlwind Kit

Then the Turbine spins the water and the smoke of your hit through the body and into the Helix mouthpiece which continues the action by cooling and smoothing out your hit.

whirlwind stax

Best Dab Rig: Envy Dichro Rig

This traditional inline recycler has smooth churning action and quick drainage to ensure an enjoyable hit every time. The dichroic coating on the outside of the body makes this entire piece light up with color and is a bold addition to any smoke session.

Best Bubbler: Cali Crusher HYDRA

The HYDRA redefines what a long lasting and well-designed pipe is meant to be. It also uses their patented "Quicklock" technology to put together and take apart which makes cleaning with soap and water a breeze. This three in one pipe is the first of its kind.

Hydra bubbler

Best Steam Roller: Incredibowl M420

The rocket scientists over at Incredibowl designed the M420 with the cannabis enthusiast in mind. By itself its the most powerful steamroller you've ever used, but when you start to attach accessories to it, you can use it as a bubbler, or even a regular bong bowl.

Best One-Hitter: Ryot

This Spring Loaded Taster is smoking engineering at its best. Pack your bowl, as usual, press down gently to enjoy a mid-smoke stir, and eject the ash when you are finished! The metal mouthpiece also works well for packing and heat distribution.

Best Chillum: Harold Lumen

Harold Ludeman mixes colors like no other artist we've seen. He's a chill glass artist out of Oregon, and he's been at this for years. He focuses on smaller pieces and accessories that have tons of bold and beautiful color taken through intricate processes. His pipes are covered in color and attention to detail.

Harold ludeman pipes

Best Rolling Papers: RAW

These nearly translucent papers are made with unbleached natural and eco-friendly paper that is a natural light brown color. Each paper is imprinted with a patented CrissCross watermark. This unique watermark keeps your herbs burning smooth and even with no runs.

It's the Little Things

Often we find ourselves using a paper clip or our keys to dig out a bowl. There is a better way. One small investment in a proper set of tools will change your sessions. Get a well-made poker, carb cap, or grinder and marvel at how significant of an impact it has on the quality of your smoke sessions.

Dim the Lights

Lighting matters. Music matters. When a person sits down to have a session, it's essential that their surroundings are right. Sometimes compromises have to be made, but often when at home time can be taken to ensure that moments spent toking up occur in the best of circumstances. Start with a clean piece when you decide to smoke or vape, you'll be happy that you did. Have your session in a place you are comfortable with and can get cozy. Put on a playlist or something that helps you chill out and take advantage of this time. Treat yourself.

Dim light session

Putting it All Together Memorable and enjoyable sessions that go off without a hitch don't have to be an accident. With a little attention and planning every time you sit down to have a bowl, it can be a magical experience. You need the right mindset and the right gear.

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