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How to Assemble an Awesome Stash Box

Stash Box Ideas: How to Assemble an Awesome Stash Box

It may be a tray under your coffee table, a shoebox, or a fully loaded RYOT bag. Regardless of its form, the stash box is an essential and personal part of a smoker’s lifestyle.

What Makes a Good Stash Box?

The average stash box is some container. When people first start devoting themselves to having more enjoyable sessions, they usually end up with a collection of items that get the job done. A pipe, a poker of some kind, a container for their weed, a grinder if they're lucky, and of course a lighter. However, there is so much more than you can broaden your horizons with other than these necessities.

basic stash kit

First of all let's dive into something that 420 Science is passionate about, cannabis storage. We started making jars more than a decade ago because we wanted people to have fresher, better buds to smoke on all around the world. We still believe in that first and foremost. We discourage keeping ganja in anything that can spoil the pure taste and aroma of the natural buds.

Store your weed in our lifetime guaranteed 420 Jars. You won't regret it. If you want to display your stash in an aesthetically pleasing way proudly, then get a large Pop-Top and show those beauties off! If ultimate protection is your goal, then look to the UV Screw Top jars for maximum freshness and defense against the elements. Pick an illustration that inspires you, and fill it up. If it ever breaks just let us know, we'll replace it.

Everyone should have a hand pipe. It's the oldest way to toke, and pipes exist with the most extensive variety among all smoking gear. Trust us, there is a pipe out there for you. Take a look at our curated hand pipe selection, and we wouldn't carry it if we wouldn't smoke out of it ourselves. Along with your pipe, some essentials will always go with it, a poker, a lighter, and may we suggest 420 wipes.

A note on pokers: Get a real one and stop using something you found around the house. We understand the straightened out paper clip but the plastic coated ones can mean nasty fumes if it happens to come into contact with heat and will have resin stuck all over it quickly. We have a rad selection of pokers, and one is bound to speak your language.

Besides a trusty spoon, there should be plenty of papers in your stash box. Papers and lighters have a tendency to disappear, get ruined in the laundry, and slip into other dimensions. Avoid this by having multiple redundant backups, and you'll never worry about having to roll a doobie. There are many varieties, as you probably know.If rolling joints sounds fun, then make sure to get a tray as well. Having a dedicated surface to roll on instead of the kitchen table makes a big difference. You can choose trays that have cool art on them, or are made to help organize your gear too.

420 grinder

Own a good grinder. We'd almost suggest spending more money on your grinder than your spoon. It's that important. If you are a dedicated joint roller, then you probably break up your bud by hand sometimes, but if you enjoy a fresh, fat bowl of weed in the morning, then you need a grinder you can trust to grind your buds into the perfect consistency reliably. If you invest in a quality grinder, it will last a lifetime.

stash box

The last important thing for you to include in your stash box is room to expand. Use something more significant than necessary to store smoking gear so that when new pipes, grinders, and other items are added there is plenty of extra space for them.

Now go forth and improve your stash and by doing so, you will improve your sessions! Keeping quality sesh gear in a durable and organized container does take work and investment, but it brings high rewards time and time again whenever you sit down for a toke.

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