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How to find a great smoke spot

Finding The Perfect Smoke Spot: Where to Smoke Weed

Sometimes the cannabis enthusiast is caught off guard. Suddenly a person is posed with the challenge of having a smoke sesh out in the world and finding the best location for it. Scouting the best spot is not a simple task, but if executed well, it can be a memorable and long lasting experience.

If you find yourself in a new city, country, or environment rest assured there is a prime place to take a break, spark up, and enjoy your surroundings. But don't expect just to be handed such an ideal serene background to your smoke sesh, you'll need to do some legwork to find this smoke sesh Shangrila. Here are the steps to follow to find that perfect place to toke up when you are away from your usual surroundings.

Step #1 Look for clues

People smoke weed everywhere, and when they do, they tend to leave clues about their activity, often on purpose to let other stoners know that a particular place is a spot for toking. Look for that iconic 420 scribbled on a wall, park bench, or door overhang. Typically there are signs that another party of tokers decided to turn a space into a chill sesh spot. Sometimes you can even find useful item left behind like a lighter or a makeshift ashtray.


Step #2 Explore

If nothing visible pops out at you, then don't be afraid to wander around the area and scope a few places out. Don't go with your first location because chances are there is a better place that has not been discovered yet. Press on, and you will be rewarded. Take a walk around the block, or the lot, or got down the street a little way and check out what's there. You'll be surprised at how perfectly good spots reveal themselves.
Outdoor Smoke Spot

Step#3 Go down the path less traveled

Don't be afraid of going above and beyond the call of stoner duty. Maybe you need to hop over a fence or go down an alley. Don't be afraid to look deep into your environment; there are treasures to be found. Just don't break the law.


Step#4 Get Higher

The higher you can get the better, both regarding smoking and physical location. When you are up high you can see your surroundings more efficiently and can tell in any narcs or other "uncool" people are coming. Top floors of parking garages, that old treehouse, or just at the top of a hill can be a perfect location.

Step#5 Have an escape plan

More than likely if anyone notices you burning down they will want a hit from your pipe. But on the off chance that some lame person starts walking your way, it's important to know what your route of escape will be. Avoid posting up in a corner or a room with only one door. Have a way out.
high up sesh

Step#6 Relax

Take it easy once you start your session. You've worked this hard to find a chill spot, so make sure you enjoy it. It can be a little nerve racking to some smoking out in public, so the more relaxed you are about the situation, the better. If you are in a rush, then you're doing it wrong.

Step #7 Enjoy

If you located an ideal smoke spot, then you'll be able to take your time and have an enjoyable session without the worry of being discovered or hassled. For easy traveling to and from your spot, putting together an organized stoner kit with a stash box and small smoking piece like a one hitter is a smart idea. Find a nice spot to sit, spark up, and maybe throw some tunes on if you can. And if possible, leave your little corner of heaven better than you found it so the next 420 travelers can enjoy it just as much as you.

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