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20 Best Beaker Bongs (2022)

Bongs come in many styles, but the classic beaker shape is one of the most popular. Beaker bongs look just like the beakers you used in high school chemistry class. The shape gives you a wide base, giving your bongs more stability on your coffee table so even the sneakiest cat will have trouble tipping it over. They also have a larger volume to help stack the perfect bong rip.

Fashioning a bong from an empty Gatorade bottle in college was fun. Still, countless other options are available now that weed legalization has become more widespread in the states. Single-use plastics are bad for the environment anyway. We’ve searched far and wide and found the best beaker bongs on the market based on the science of their design.

1. GRAV Helix Beaker Water Pipe

Grav Helix Beaker Bong

The Helix beaker has a unique mouthpiece that provides extra cooling action that other mouthpieces don’t. It’s no wonder this build is among our best sellers. The large helix airpath design creates a spinning action as you pull, reducing the harshness of each hit. The swirling cloud created by the helix is functional in creating ultra-smooth, powerful hits, and it’s captivating to watch. 

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2. STAX Starter Sets

STAX Starter Set Beaker Bong

We've assembled Stax sets that are customizable to your smoke sesh preferences. Each kit includes a base and a mouthpiece, so you can build your perfect DIY bong. You don’t have to keep searching for your perfect combination. Add an angled, helix, trumpet, or triple pinch mouthpiece to the beaker base. It comes with a downstem that provides extra suction to build a bong rip just like you like it. With this set, you can get a flare, honeycomb disc, coil showerhead, dual inline, or turbine base for more mixing and matching.

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3. Piranha Quartz One-Piece Beaker Dab Rig with Thermal Banger and Carb Cap

Piranha Quartz One Piece Beaker Bong

The all-quartz body of this heavy hitter provides heat resistance and durability that you don’t get with all glass beaker bongs. It’s double-walled, so it sucks heated vapor down into the rig. All the parts are built into this small, easily-portable piece, including a reactor core banger, so you can fill the wide beaker base with bigger, more powerful dabs. There’s also a built-in carb cap to vaporize even more efficiently.

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4. GRAV Labs 12-inch Beaker Bong

GRAV Labs 12in Beaker Bong

Another GRAV favorite, the 12-inch beaker bong, was redesigned to have a lower water line and a better pull. The thick glass base makes this bong extra durable. It features a geometric punch ice-catch to prevent the backsplash of beaker water and keep the ice in place. The downstem is diffused, so you get smaller bubbles and a smoother hit.

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5. MAV Glass 18-inch, 9mm Super Thick Glass Beaker Bong

MAV Glass Beaker Bong

If you’re looking for durability, look no further than this thick borosilicate glass beaker bong. This massive chunk of glass will likely outlast you. Because it’s so thick, you’ll need 19mm k-clips if you want to use them with the bowl or downstem.

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6. Silenced Hippie 12-inch Beaker Bong

Silenced Hippie 12-inch Beaker Bong

We love supporting cannabis lifestyle bloggers and enthusiasts. A portion of the sales from this bong goes directly to the fun and positive Silenced Hippie. This beaker is simple and durable with a wide base and thick neck. It’s a perfect starter bong to kick off any pipe collection. The beaker water line is adjustable, and this piece is made in America.

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7. Eyce Silicone Beaker Bong

Eyce Silicone Beaker Bong

The Eyce beaker bong is a great silicone option. It’s modeled after the classic glass beaker bongs we know and love but has reinforced silicone walls and bump protection. It’s got a removable tray at the bottom with compartments for a lighter and your stash. This bong also has a restriction ice hatch for chilling your hits.

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8. GRAV 6-inch Round Base Bong

GRAV 6-inch Round Base Bong

This bong makes an honorable mention on our list, despite it being shaped more like a potion bottle. The mouthpiece has an improved longer and thicker opening. The downstem and ground joint are fixed, so you're less likely to break them. The small pieces mean you can make this into a rig by adding a banger. It's portable, handy, and perfect for all you D&D fans out there. 

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9. Envy Glass 16-inch Beaker Bong with 10 Arm Perc

Envy Glass 16-inch Beaker Bong

Envy has built an ideal classic water pipe from high-quality Boro Schott glass. The glass is thick, so it’s got durability, and the 10-arm tree perc prevents beaker water splashback. The triple-pinch ice catch leaves room for multiple ice cubes, so this is the best beaker bong if you’re looking for extra filtration and cooling.

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10. Raven Glass 10-inch Fumed UFO Beaker Bong

Raven Glass 10-inch UFO Beaker Bong

When looking for colored, cool bongs, it’s essential to consider glass quality. Raven Glass mastered that. The stunning beaker base has an angled geometric body, so you’re getting the benefits of the beaker base in a unique UFO shape that looks more like a vase centerpiece than a typical bong. If you’re looking for a photo-worthy piece, look no further than this fumed glass bong. It’s truly a work of art.

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11. Red Eye Tek 12-inch Hex Base Beaker Bong

Red Eye Tek Hex Base Beaker Bong

This hexagon-shaped bong with a large base comes to us from The Terminator line of glass pieces, known for its durability, cutting-edge construction, and rad ‘80s aesthetics. The finish is metallic, so it’s another great bong for showing off your style in various colors. The base leaves plenty of volume to build big hits, and it just looks cool.

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12. AFM 20-inch Triple 8-Arm Tree Beaker Bong

AFM 20in Beaker Bong

We like the name Alien Flower Monkey, but we like their in-your-face colors and intricate percolator work even better. This enormous 20-inch tall beaker bong sends your hit through three tree percs that each have 8-inch arms, so you could build a single, powerful rip from an entire bowl. The percs are mounted for extra stability, and it’s made here in the U.S.A.

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13. HiSi 14-inch Beaker Bong - Jr. Double Bell Perc v2.0

HiSi 14-inch Beaker Bong

HiSi is a great brand that offers a scientific approach to all its smoking products. They’ve maximized cooling capabilities with a 4-inch Swiss diffused downstem and two bell-shaped percs that keep percolation bubbles the same small size. The bell-shaped splash guard makes it easy to pull hard on this magnificent piece of machinery without making a mess. Be prepared to crush entire bowls with ease.

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14. HVY Glass 10-inch Beaker Bong

HVY Glass 10in 26mm Beaker Bong

The 10-inch HVY beaker bong is uniquely fumed with silver, so the blown glass changes color over time as you use it, making it a rare find in a piece this size. It’s great for taking medium hits without going stale, but you can also build large, powerful hits that you can rip at once. Can you tell we’re fans of the fumed glass look?

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15. Envy Glass Banger Hanger Dab Rig

Envy Glass Banger Beaker Bong

Not only is “banger hanger” fun to say, it’s fun to use. This dab rig is the most efficient one you’ll find. It’s small and portable, which makes it ideal as far as travel bongs go. It doesn’t get clogged with resin because it utilizes minimal filtration. The hanger keeps your fingers safe from the heated element. It comes in clear, green, blue, and purple, so you’ve got options for color.

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16. Envy Glass 12-inch Dichro Coated Beaker Bong

Envy Glass Dichro Coated Beaker Bong

The Dichro beaker is a medium-sized piece with minimal filtration and simple, classic shape. And just look how cool the dichroic coating is. It’s got a showerhead downstem and a triple-pinch ice catch for cooling.

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17. ROOR 18-inch Beaker Bong

ROOR 18-inch Beaker Bong

This extra-thick piece is crafted with lifetime use from ROOR in mind. Known for their attention to detail, the dense 7mm glass does not thin out anywhere on the body, which is hard to find as far as bongs go. It has a triple-pinch ice catch for chilling and an extended removable downstem for easy loading. It’s a pricey piece, but its longevity makes this bong worth it. 

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18. Mav Glass ‘Bestie’ Double-Headed Beaker Bong

Mav Glass ‘Bestie’ Double-Headed Beaker Bong

The Mav Bestie is the bicycle-built-for-two of bongs. If you can figure out how the hell to fill the ice catch of this structure, it’s a fun way to get high with a friend. It has two mouthpieces, so it does require two people to use. It definitely takes some learning to use this piece and equalize the pressure between the mouthpieces, but with maximum cooperation, you can maximize the fun.

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19. GEAR Premium Sidekick 12-inch Laid Back Beaker Bong

GEAR Premium Sidekick Beaker Bong

Here we have the leaning tower of beaker bongs. The mouthpiece is slightly angled, making it easier to hold and hit, and the base has a long downstem that sits in the corner of the beaker chamber, so it still works while tilted. Bonus: It’s got a built-in lighter holder, so you won’t be left looking for it whenever you sit down for a smoke sesh.

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20. Green Bear 14-inch Zen Sandblasted Beaker Bong

Green Bear 14-inch Zen Sandblasted Beaker Bong

The swirling design and calm colors of this Green Bear bong makes us feel zen just looking at it. The sand-etched pattern gives the neck a nice grip too. It's a large beaker with thick walls and plenty of volume for big puffs. The narrow body and steep angle allow for various water lines that even hit great on a tilt. 

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Get Your Perfect Hit With 420 Science

The beaker bong is a classic setup that’s been around for ages because it is easy to use, durable, and efficient for passing at a party or enjoying home on your night off. It’s our favorite style of bong, and a favorite of singers and performers because of their ability to cool hits before they reach your throat. You can’t go wrong with any of these 20 best beaker bongs.

There are many great ways to blaze up, even if bongs are not your thing. Whether it’s torching a dab rig, carrying a one-hitter in your backpack, or packing one of the best weed pipes, 420 Science has you covered.

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