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The Best Dab Torches for 2022

A high-quality dab torch is vital for getting the perfect dab with a glass dab rig. In fact, if we had to guess, you probably came here looking for the best dab torch you can get.

You found the right place, bud.

There are many considerations to keep in mind when finding the best dab torch for your needs.

For example, a dab torch that produces a clean and constant, adjustable flame size with easy temperature control will make a big difference in your dabbing experience.

This article will cover everything you need to know about dab torches and what makes a good one. 

Best Dab Torches in 2022

There are a few types of torches you can use for dabbing. Each has its pros and cons, and it's up to you to decide which one is the best dab torch for your dabbing setup. The three most common torches are butane, propane, and pocket-sized torches.

A butane torch like the kind you see chefs use to make Creme Brûlée is the most common, although the dab-specific type has more power, flame size and features. Propane torches are robust and have long-lasting tanks but have their issues. Mini-torches are perfect for small rigs and dabbing from tasters and detachable tubes.


blazer dab torch

Best Butane Dab Torch: Blazer Big Buddy Butane Torch

The big buddy is a high-output Blazer torch that will heat a quartz banger. The Blazer strikes a good balance between power and size. The turbojet flame is focused and accurate up to four inches away from the torch. The operation of the torch is easy with a safety lock feature and button press. The Blazer is our most popular torch.

This Blazer torch features a powerful 2500-degree turbo flame and a lightweight, portable design for up to 60 minutes of continuous burn time. The Big Buddy provides all the power and dependability that Blazer is known for. The Blazer works well for quartz, titanium, and other bangers and nails.

Once you have a torch like the Blazer, all your problems are solved as far as quality dabbing goes. This torch is so popular because it's both well-made and expensive. The Blazer comes in black and silver finishes. Additionally, The Blazer torch also has a removable stand to balance upright with ease.

pocket dab torch

Best Pocket Torch for Dabs: Vertigo Cyclone Mini Dab Torch

A pocket torch is ideal for mini rigs and smaller, lightweight dab pipes like quartz dab straws. A pocket torch makes up for its small gas tank with efficient power output and impressive heating speed. Pocket torches can range from small lighters with a small torch jet to small torches that operate like miniaturized jet engines.

A pocket torch needs to be held close to the banger to heat it because the flame is shorter. However, the heat from a pocket torch is still massive and will adequately heat your quartz quickly. You are giving up on pocket torches because of the long flame length and large capacity.

The Vertigo Cyclone has a pretty intense name, appropriate for this small torch's over-the-top heat level. It works ideally for heating the Dynavap vaporizers but can also heat the banger on your mini rig and start a campfire in just a few seconds.

The three blue flames are adjustable, and if you want to just put out the amount of heat as a regular lighter, you can crank it way down, and it won't be as crazy. It's refillable, which is good because you'll probably need to refill it more often than a giant torch when the flames ignite. The price is suitable for this small-sized torch's size and heat output.

 propane torch

Best Propane Torches for Dabs

Propane torches can be used with dab rigs but are not encouraged because of their higher temperature output. A propane torch burns a thousand degrees hotter than a butane torch flame. This massive temperature difference is hard to control without completely blasting your banger or nail.

The best use of a propane torch for dabbing is for taking massive dabs on a larger than typical dab setup. If you are placing a big banger on a four-foot bong and dabbing a half gram all at once, then a propane torch will do a great job at heating the big nineteen-millimeter quartz banger you are no doubt using. A refillable propane torch can blast off the baked-on resins in your banger but probably should not be used for everyday dabbing.

Dab Torch Buying Guide

We’ve looked at different types of torches and their uses, and how to choose the best dab torch for your setup; we can deep dive into the mechanics of a dab torch, how to operate them, and some tips and tricks on keeping them functioning for a long time.

What is a Dab Torch?

A dab torch is a refillable, gas-powered torch with a high-temperature output, and a large flame used to heat the banger or nail of a dab rig.

What Makes a Good Dab Torch

A quality dab torch is well made and should activate every time. The most important parts of a torch are the trigger mechanism and tank. If either of those is low quality, the torch may not work. The best dab torches have covers protecting the tank and bases. Advanced torches have variable flames for lower temperatures and locking triggers. 

Ease of Use

Some torches are easier to use than others. An easy-to-use dab torch works with minimal clicks and dials before the flame activates. A simple trigger pull is the best, but most torches have one or two safety features like a lever or switch that acts as a safety for the trigger. 

Number of Jets

A dab torch only needs one jet to work well, but smaller torches usually employ multiple jets to make up for their small size. A full-size dab torch with double jets is for niche uses and novelty. The extra jets use more gas and make delicate heating harder to do. Multiple flame jets are incredible for pocket torch lighters, but for typical dab torches, one jet is perfect.

Safety Features of Dab Torches

A well-crafted dab torch has at least one safety feature that prevents the flame from quickly activating. Most have a safety lock that needs to be pushed down to activate the trigger. Some torches have two safety mechanisms, like a safety lock and locking gas release, which must be loosened before the flame ignites. Most butane torches have a lock of some type, but propane and small torch lighters involve additional risk when using those types of dab torches.

Type of Fuel: Butane vs. Propane

Butane is safer in many ways than propane. Butane fuel has extremely low toxicity, while propane is a harmful gas to breathe and will make you sick if you inhale it, even in small amounts. Butane quickly vaporizes at room temperature, while propane is a heavier gas and will linger longer. Butane is a safer option for dabbing.

How Hot Does Butane Burn?

A butane torch flame is 2600 degrees. This is less hot than a propane torch but creates less carbon monoxide. This temperature is still hot enough to melt some metals and begin to melt glass. A butane torch cannot melt quartz. 

How to Use a Dab Torch

Using a dab torch is not complicated. There are a few safety steps to keep in mind when using a dab torch to heat the quartz banger of a dab rig. The main thing to remember is to keep the flame away from people and flammable items. Let's go over the steps for using a dab torch.

Step 1: Activate the Torch

Remove the cap on the nozzle of your torch if there is one. Disengage the safety by pushing down on the back mechanism or moving the switch on the side. Pull the trigger on the torch and make sure the flame is near or at fully extended by adjusting the gas output via a dial or side lever. 

Use the torch to heat your nail or banger taking care to only direct the flame at the banger of your dab rig. Minimize the heat that is transferred to the dab rig to protect the borosilicate glass.

Step 2: Heat the Banger

Apply the tip of the adjustable flame to the banger to where it is almost touching the side of the glass. Heat the bottom corner of the banger where the wall meets the base of the quartz banger. Apply the heat until you see the first signs of the quartz turning red then remove the flame. Turn off the dabbing torch and make sure the gas is turned back down to prevent any leaks. Set the dabbing torch aside before doing your dab.

Step 3: Enjoy your Dab

Apply your dab with your chosen dab tool to the heated banger. As the dabs begin to vaporize start to inhale from the dab rig. Start slow and then go faster as you notice the dabs vaporize more aggressively. If the dabs are wafting through the air from the banger you need to inhale harder. Exhale and enjoy the ride. If you like, you can read more on how to take a dab.

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A dabbing torch is an essential part of a classic dab rig setup. We have an assortment of high quality dab torches along with everything else you would ever need to improve your dab sessions. If you need torches for dabs, a dab rig, or a dab accessory like a banger, dab tool, or cleaning products we have you covered.

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