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The Best Silicone Bongs and Pipes: Our Top Picks

The Best Silicone Bongs

When considering silicone bongs, dab rigs, and pipes, not everyone realizes how they can be better than typical glassware. Sure, glass pipes have been thought of as ideal for so long but are they the best? What most fail to realize is that silicone is more durable. It is damage-resistant, heat-resistant, and, more importantly, long-lasting. That means you can take your silicone pipes to all the outdoor adventures you enjoy without fear of them breaking. Whether it's water sports or camping with friends, silicone won't let you down.

But that's not the only benefit silicone has. Silicone bongs can be made in various vibrant and complex color combinations that rival glass bongs. The extensive color palette you enjoy with silicone bongs allows you to get something that especially appeals to you. Additionally, the flexibility that comes with storing silicone dab rigs is incredible. You can take some silicone bongs apart to ease storage and transportation before reassembling them later for use.

All these benefits make silicone pipes worth adding to your pipe collection. To make your selection easier, here is a list of the best silicone bongs and dab rigs.

waxmaid silicone dab rig

Waxmaid 4-in-one

Waxmaid has some of the best silicone bongs in the market, and the same can be said for the Waxmaid 4-in-one silicone modular bong. This is a 9-inch-long bong with a 14mm ground joint and a funnel bowl. It is heat-resistant and durable, so it can survive drops and be tipped over.

Besides the silicone benefits, this bong has multi-use functionality. For starters, you can use it to smoke in several ways. You can create a bubbler by swapping the bowl and mouthpiece as well as the downstem.

Additionally, you can use it as a dab rig by getting rid of the middle part of the silicone bong. The third use is as a percolated bong. It's pretty easy to achieve this by ensuring that all the bong pieces are included while creating it. The bong build features Swiss-style perc and a glass section. Lastly, the Waxmaid 4-in-one silicone bong can also serve as a nectar collector or preferably a chillum as long as you put in a titanium nail after removing the mouthpiece.

silicone dab rig

Eyce Silicone Dab Rig

Eyce is also a unique brand with a flair for making some beautifully designed silicone dab rigs. You can see the detailing and effort put into the design of these 3.5 inches wide and 8-inch tall silicone dab rigs. Additionally, they are colorful and easy on the eye, with the color palette ranging wide.

But it's not just the visual appeal that adds them to this list. Instead, it's their level of functionality. The Eyce silicone dab rig has a bent neck that makes every hit delightful and effortless. You can take apart the pieces of this silicone dab rig for easy portability or even storage. Plus, it's easy to clean because the parts can separate.

The Eyce silicone dab rig is almost identical to glass dab rigs, so you may not notice the difference in use, feel or taste. The thick silicone walls of the pipe make it impossible to break. The 10mm titanium nail is included instead of a quartz nail since it is more durable. Lastly, the stainless steel dab tool can be stored on the rig via a convenient storage slot.

waxmaid horn bong

Waxmaid Silicone Bong

This 9-inch horn bong from Waxmaid is as delightful as the aforementioned Waxmaid silicone 4-in-one. The horn shape is naturally ergonomic. It was created with the idea of smoking weed from a horn the way Viking drank from one. You can get one in any of the four bold colors used in their designs. This horn bong is 3 inches wide and made of at least 4mm borosilicate molded glass. It's further made more durable with the silicone sleeve. With this piece, you can enjoy smooth pulls with no clogs.

Eyce Silicone Beaker Bong

This 10-inch bong wins the prize for appeal. The Eyce silicone beaker bong features a female joint of 14mm and is 5 inches wide. You can marvel at the hidden storage tray at the bottom of the bong made of silicone. The tray is removable, and you can use it to stash away your weed at any time.

The Eyce Beaker provides smooth, cool hits as it comes with a restricted ice catch. The ice catcher cools the bong hit for you as you pull. Moreover, this silicone bong features both bump protection and reinforced walls. One of the best parts about Eyce silicone bongs is the metal poker in the groove to help you clear the bowl.

hammer silicone bubbler

Silicone Hammer Bubbler

This is one of the most affordable silicone bongs on the list. This bubbler pipe is 6-inches long and 5-inches wide and hits in between a bong and a pipe because it has water filtration. Surprisingly, the glass bowl can fit perfectly on the bubbler and is quite functional.

You can also use the storage at the bottom of the bong to keep your stash protected and right on hand. As with many of the other Eyce pipes, this bubbler comes with a stainless steel poker that fits snug in a molded slot. Additionally, the hammer bubbler has a showerhead downstem that filters your long smooth drags.

Shop Silicone Bongs and Dab Rigs

Silicone bongs have a place in everyone’s collection, and they work just as well as their glass counterparts. Owning a silicone pipe lets you enjoy benefits like flexibility, functionality, and durability. Take a look at the Silicone Bongs and Dab Rigs collection for your pick of the best silicone bong. Also, feel free to check out our various articles on bongs for more information.

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