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The Best Bong Bowls: What Makes A Good Bong Bowl?

The Best Bowls for Bongs

A bong bowl is an essential part of your bong. Without a bowl, the whole bong doesn't work. A bong bowl holds ground weed so that it can be combusted and filtered by the bong. The bowl sits within the joint of the bong, where it forms an airtight seal to help cause combustion.

When shopping for the best bowl for your bong, there are numerous factors you need to consider— the most common being the joint size and type of your bong. The last thing you want is to get a slide bowl that's not compatible with your water pipe. So be sure to measure your bong's joint size.

How much weed you can fit in your bowl is essential. If you want larger smoke seshes, then a bigger and even deeper slide bowl is a great choice. A party bowl allows you and your friends to smoke without having to repack the bowl several times. However, if you plan on having solo sessions, then a smaller weed bowl is ideal. Lastly, you should consider the visual style of the bowl. A pipe bowl that perfectly matches the look of your bong can tie the whole thing together.

It’s a good idea to own more than one weed bowl. You can choose a bowl for each bong you have or have a collection of backup bowls that are the same. Plus, depending on the occasion, a different weed bowl can be ideal. For instance, if numerous people use it simultaneously, you may need a deeper and larger bowl than the one you use while alone. It’s nice to have extra bowls if you are smoking them back to back. Also, you can have more than one loaded and just swap in the other for an intense session.

GRAV octobowl


GRAV Octobowl is a 0.9 in width weed glass bowl and 2 inches in height. Octobowls are ergonomically designed with built-in six-armed glass screens. The small arms near the glass filter ensure maximum airflow through the slide allowing a consistent burn. Additionally, it prevents clogging from happening as the particulates do not accumulate. This pipe bowl is durable and easy to maintain or clean.

one hitter bowl

One-hitter Bowl

This 14mm Helix Multi One-Hitter Bowl is an excellent choice if you're looking for a medium-sized hit. This bowl is small, and only 2.25 long for small but significant hits. It's made of thick glass and therefore more durable than its competitors. Additionally, the design ensures quick cleaning after every hit. Unlike other bong bowls, the One-Hitter Bowl has little nubs for easy handling when it gets too hot. That makes it comfortable, convenient, and a great choice. Besides, it's one of the cheapest bowls on the market.

bubble bowl

Bubble Bowls

The variety that comes with this bowl is heavenly. You can choose between five gorgeous colors for the one that best puts you in the mood. The GRAV Bubble Bowls have a height of two inches and large capacity for intense hits. You can use it with a 14mm male jointed bong. Additionally, the shape is convenient and ensures the outer part of the glass is cool and comfy. You also get an easy grip with the three unique beads.

handle bowl

Handle Funnel Bowl

This male Handle Funnel Bowl is made of borosilicate glass, making it pretty durable. It can fit any 14mm opening and is 2 inches long and 0.75 wide. Additionally, it comes with a handle to ensure your fingers have a cool surface to hold, no matter how hot it gets.

Drain bowl

Drain Bowl

This pipe bowl has an excellent design and drain functionality, which means it sucks down smoke efficiently into the bong. You can use this slide numerous times a week without any clogs due to the six-hole filter that comes with it. That means less frequent cleaning and more pleasant smoke seshes. Cleaning it is a breeze and only requires a good brushing after a soak in alcohol. Additionally, the Drain Bowl is excellent for sharing with friends. The capacity ensures that a single pack is sufficient for every hit. The thick double-layered glass ensures durability.

unbreakable bong bowl


This shatterproof bowl is an excellent choice for numerous reasons. For starters, it's more durable as it's made from 304 surgical stainless steel and aerospace-grade aluminum. That makes it almost unbreakable. This is a 14mm bowl making it a standard fit with most bongs.

Additionally, you can be sure to get a lifetime warranty and two extra screens as spares when purchasing this pipe bowl when purchasing this pipe bowl. Even so, your screen will stay fitted in place even when removing the bowl due to the unique secure screen technology used. Moreover, the bowl features a silicone-coated stainless steel handle that offers you protection from heat. With the high air-flow screen, you can worry less about clogs.

color glass bong bowl

Color Glass Bowls

Color Glass Bowls are a durable lot of 14mm funnel bowls with a retro-cool green slime. The color is perfect with the black stem, which doesn't fade as well. It also comes with a large Maria for easy handling when detaching the bowl from your water pipe. Additionally, it is 2.5 inches long, making it quite deep and narrow for perfect hits. The thick walls are made of borosilicate hence its durability.

Party bong bowl

Party Bowls

The GRAV Caldera Party Bowl is just that—a party bowl. It's large enough to hold a significant amount of dry herb leaves to go around a circle of friends. Plus, it comes in various colors and an excellent design. This 14mm slide bowl is made of borosilicate glass, making it durable and long-lasting.

cub bong bowl

Cup Bowls

The GRAV Cup Bowl is a small pipe bowl for single hits. It's 2.25. in height and 0.5 in. wide on the interior. With this bowl, every impact you take is green and excellent. It also features a glass Maria around the stem for easy gripping and safe handling. Additionally, its design is simple and makes a perfect little bowl.

heavy duty bong bowl

Heavy-duty Bowls

Another great product from GRAV, this bowl from the Arcline series, is highly durable and can withstand the wear and tear of daily use. This heavy-duty bowl can survive numerous drops and tip-overs due to the extra thick (3mm) borosilicate glass tubing used in manufacturing. Plus, the bowl has a beautiful style and design with a fire-polished embossed logo. It's a 14mm bowl that's 2.5 in. long with a strategic column shape for fairly dispersing the heat and offers thermal protection.

Why You Should Own Multiple Bong Bowls

Owning a bong bowl that easily breaks after a couple of months of use can be frustrating. When one bowl breaks, it’s best to have a backup you can grab right away and keep on seshing. This list contains a list of the highest quality and best bong bowls available in the market. Each has unique properties that make it an excellent choice. Feel free to look at the bowls' collection on this list for one that suits your needs. You can also refer to our other articles on the same for more information.

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