Wormhole Glass 8.5" Poseidon Bounty Hunter Dab Rig - Clear / Dark Blue / Teal

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$ 75.99 $ 75.99


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Introducing the Poseidon 8.5″ Rig, inspired by the world’s greatest warriors participating in an ancient practice known as “The Ritual.” Made with precision and quality, this 8.5″ rig contains a one-sided downward pointing showerhead perc and fine decal details throughout the design.

Every 1000 years, the world’s greatest warriors gather to participate in an ancient practice known as “The Ritual,” which involves cleansing the planet of demonic creatures. Every culture around the world has told of ancient gods and beings of power rising to take down these creatures. History presents these stories as fables, myths, and urban legends. But this year, the world will bear witness to this surreal event…

The creatures first emerged approximately 25,000 years ago from the seas. As protector of the seas, Poseidon felt a strong sense of duty to help cleanse the planet of these creatures. He founded The Ritual and became its High Priest and commander of the world’s most deadly warriors. Although he was mighty, he knew he could not vanquish all the creatures on his own. Throughout the years, he enlisted the help of other powerful beings, such as Octavious, the Reaper and Sage Kalinanda – disciple of Lord Shiva.

Poseidon attacks the creatures with extreme prejudice, tearing them limb from limb before removing their skulls, often with spinal cords still intact. These skulls become trophies that the warriors wear around their belts.

This millennium marks the 25th anniversary of The Ritual, and it’s sure to be the deadliest yet…

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