Green Bear 14" 9MM Beaker Bong

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$ 69.99 $ 69.99


Color Blue
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Ultra-thick Green Bear 14-inch Beaker Bong

The Green Bear 9mm Beaker is a robust glass bong designed to withstand the test of time and delivers exceptional hits with its ultra-thick 9mm borosilicate glass construction. At 14 inches tall, it's the perfect choice for elevated smoking sessions.

The narrow body of this beaker tube ensures fresh and smooth hits, allowing you to stack them through the tube effortlessly. This bong offers enhanced cooling with the triple-pinch ice catch, ensuring a smoother and cooler smoking experience.

If you play your cards right, you'll have this thing for the rest of your life; it's that tough. The 14mm ground joint and male funnel bowl provide a secure and seamless connection, ensuring easy and enjoyable hits.
Adding a touch of style, the color glass mouthpiece adds a pop of vibrancy to your smoking ritual.

With its classic design and reliable construction, the Green Bear 14" 9MM Beaker Tube is a must-have for any bong enthusiast. This exceptional piece will elevate your smoking game.


- Height: 14 inches
- Base Width: 6 inches
- Material: 9mm thick borosilicate glass
- Joint: 14mm ground joint
- Bowl: 14mm male funnel bowl
- Downstem: Removable 6-inch downstem
- Ice Catch: Triple pinch ice catch for enhanced cooling