Wormhole Glass 6" Lost In Space Rig - Clear

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Commander Darius approaches the anomaly his starship’s sensors picked up. In 18 years of service, he has never seen anything like this before. Something was interfering with the ship’s anti-gravity device. Suddenly the ship loses control. It is what he feared… The auto-navigation system is malfunctioning, it needs to be removed if Darius has any chance of flying the ship away from the anomaly. He emerges from the ship to nothing but pitch black. As he walks to the rear of the ship, he notices his body being pulled. Could it be a black hole??? As he turns around, he sees a stream of light being sucked into a dark void. By now it was too late, and he knew it. He was already in the black hole. He checks his comms unit, the second counter seems to be moving extremely slowly. He watches it intently, until suddenly, its stops. His body starts to feel like it’s being pulled and stretched. In pain, he loses consciousness.

He awakens with an unsettling feeling, something was different… His spacesuit’s systems were back online. He taps a button on his wrist and asks ‘What sector are we currently in?’ The ship, named ‘Ichido’ replies ‘unknown’. The ship was close by, luckily for him it too took the journey to wherever here was. He engages the thrusters on his suit and boards the ship. Glad to be back on board, he probes a bit further, ‘Ichido, run a test to check what elements are most prominent in this sector’. Ichido replies, ‘My systems detect several new elements unknown to my records, it seems we have entered through a wormhole to an alternate dimension’. ‘Ichido, map out a route to return home’. Ichido replies ‘Negative, the ships force fields will require a new energy source to withstand another journey through a wormhole’. Commander Darius had to set aside the sinking feeling in this gut and think of a way to get home. The ship suddenly speaks ‘My sensors have detected biological life in a nearby planet, I recommend we investigate for an energy source’. Darius reples ‘Very well, plot out a route’. The planet gave the appearance of a green marble from space. As they approached the outer stratosphere of the planet, Darius started to see things. He was hallucinating. It seems there was something very strange about the planet’s atmosphere. Darius, is no longer in control of his faculties, but the ship continues slow and steady, about to land on the surface…

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