GRAV® Breathe Again Gravitron®

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The Breathe Again Pleasures x GRAV Gravitron

The Breathe Again Gravitron is a limited-edition collaboration that is a must-have for GRAV collectors and fans of the Pleasures brand. This gravity bong results from Pleasures' artistry and GRAV's engineering prowess, giving you a milky rip like never before. The bong features a captivating full-color anatomy illustration of lungs and the Pleasures logo, making it visually stunning. This piece captures the essence of the deep inhale and exhale we all cherish.

The Large Gravitron® revolutionizes the gravity bong experience, upgrading from dorm room DIYs to a sleek, efficient design. Crafted from premium borosilicate, it boasts 5x thicker glass for a substantial feel. A platinum-cured silicone grommet at the base ensures durability, while a GRAV® 19mm Funnel Bowl sits atop for easy packing. With its closed-system design, every hit is thick and milky.


-Height: 11in
-Base width: 4in
-Durable 5mm borosilicate glass construction
-Closed system design for efficient herb use
-Platinum-cured silicone grommet protects glass touchpoints
-Slim design for easy cleaning
-Includes GRAV 19mm Funnel Bowl for customizable packing
-Limited edition collaboration with Pleasures featuring full-color anatomy illustration of lungs and Pleasures logo