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  • Arcline from GRAV - 420 Science

    Arcline from GRAV

    A few magical times a year, GRAV releases a new series of pipes that their artists have been designing. Luckily, 420 Science is just down the road, and we tend to get the latest pipes that come out first. We've...

  • Don't Forget About Joints - 420 Science

    Don't Forget About Joints

    Remember joints? There is still so much to be said for the satisfying process of rolling up your favorite dried herb just how you like.
  • Selecting a Vaporizer - 420 Science

    Selecting a Vaporizer

    People have been sticking some weird stuff in their mouths for millennia, but things have gotten stranger recently. Electronic smoking has taken over. Vaping, if you prefer, has become a common alternative to smoking herb. Members of the cannabis community...