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    420 Science Blog

    The Genius Pipe Review

    The Genius Pipe Review

    What is the Genius Pipe?

    We've smoked several bowls with this pipe and are ready to give you our official Genius Pipe review. If you insist on combustion, but want an easy to clean and nearly indestructible pipe, the Genius is a clear choice. What's the story with the Genius pipe? To be honest, the creators of this all metal hand pipe are geniuses in their own right. Engineers Dyan Ferman and Stas Gulinsky thought of employing the same air circulation technology that is used in cooling gaming computers and nuclear reactors.

    Vortex Technology Moves Air Better

    Vortex technology is straightforward: Air travels through the path of least resistance, if you equalize that path, then you even out airflow. The interior of the pipe is made of a ton of tiny spheres.

    When smoke flows through these spheres, it curves through them and moves around as much as it can before it gets to your mouth. The more it moves, the colder it gets. We're not talking freezing or anything like that. The interior makes the hit less hot than a straight tubed metal pipe or even a glass pipe of the same size.

    Three-piece Metal Pipe

    The Genius Pipe consists of three flat layers of magnetic anodized aluminum. There is the cover, the top, and the bottom. When the pipe has closed the top and the bottom form a cavity for the smoke to travel through that is covered in half spheres. These dimples create a large surface area inside the pipe and give the smoke more surface to deposit hard materials on.

    In other words, the inside of the pipe catches more tar and ash, so you don't inhale that. Along with the screen under the bowl, this is as smooth and as clean of a draw as you are ever going to get from a metal pipe. You'll need to grind your bud extra fine since the bowl is wide but not deep.

    We recommend taking slow draws from this pipe. It is surprisingly easy to pull from and you can over-hit it quickly leading to a harsh draw. Toke easy and you will have a great sesh.

    The design is intuitive, and operation is just like a regular pipe. However, this pipe has a cover. The cover not only seals in the smell of a fresh bowl pretty well, but it also gives you the option of exposing all or part of the bowl letting you take small or large hits to conserve your herb.

    Cleaning Your Genius Pipe

    Cleaning this pipe is a breeze. Take it apart and wipe the insides down with warm Smoke Soap or soak it for a few hours and wash it off with hot water. You can also just use weak Iso like you can on everything else, but if you want to stay solvent free, then patience and organic cleaners are the way to go.

    Final Thoughts

    The Genius pipe is pretty dope. If you are on the hunt for a slim pipe that you can easily put in your pocket, clean, and is exceptionally durable this pipe is an excellent choice. Glass purist may notice a flavor difference in the hit, but using a hemp wick reduces that metal pipe flavor. The genius isn't like other metal pipes though, and it's a class above the rest.

    How to Smoke Weed for First Timers

    How to Smoke Weed for First Timers

    Smoking Weed for the First Time

    So, you have made the decision to try cannabis for the first time. You have seen it in movies, possibly seen your friends enjoy it, and have noticed that familiar smell at concerts and parties but have never, “partaken.” However, today is the day. You’re going to get stoned.

    The legality of cannabis varies widely in the US from completely prohibited to entirely legal for adults over 21. Whether you got your doctors blessing, walked into a store and purchased for recreational use, or asked an enlightened friend for a hookup, you’ve secured your cannabis. Now what?

    dichro spoon

    There are a ton of words people reference for cannabis use. Getting high, baked, stoned, blitzed, even couch-locked are all terms for smoking up or otherwise imbibing cannabis. They all mean genuinely experiencing the effects of cannabis to a certain degree. So let's clear up what it means to get stoned.

    How Does Weed Smoke Get You High?

    The clinical explanation for the effect of cannabis is, “relaxation and mild euphoria (the "high" or "stoned" feeling), while some immediate undesired side-effects include a decrease in short-term memory, dry mouth, impaired motor skills and reddening of the eyes. Aside from a subjective change in perception and, most notably, mood, the most common short-term physical and neurological effects include increased heart rate, increased appetite, consumption of food, lowered blood pressure, impairment of short-term and working memory, psychomotor coordination, and concentration.”

    Ask an Experienced Smoker

    However, to fully understand what getting high is like, it is best to hear testimony from experienced users. Your best bet is going to be friends or family as well as budtenders or others who work in dispensaries or the legal cannabis industry. Open discussion with experienced users will give you a decent idea of what getting high is like and if it might be for you.

    Choose the Right Set and Setting

    So what is the best way for you to experience cannabis for the first time? Well, that depends a lot on your personality. Are you an introvert or an extrovert? Risk taker or a little more cautious? When you’re not sure what your reaction is going to be to something it’s probably best to be in a comfortable space where you feel safe.

    What to Smoke Weed With for the First Time

    There are many ways to smoke, or rather use the inhalation method to use cannabis. For new beginners, we recommend a hand-pipe. The pipe is an ancient piece of smoking technology, dating back thousands of years. A pipe is any a smoking device with a bowl to put stuff in and a reservoir leading from the bowl to the user’s mouth. Some pipes are more advanced and have a hole in the side that allows for air intake, this hole on the side is called a carb. Covering the carb enables a hit build up in the hollow of the pipe. Releasing the carb clears all the smoke in the chamber as opposed to a long steady drag.

    rolling tray

    Hitting a pipe, or spoon is pretty simple. First, take your broken up herb and put it in the bowl. You can grind the bud in a grinder or break it up by hand. You will want to pack a loose wad of herbs in the bottom and then pile more Ganja on top more loosely until the bowl fills completely. Place your finger on the carb and hold the lighter to one side of the bowl, don't hold the flame directly over the bowl. A direct flame can combust too much at once and create a harsh hit or waste your herb. Inhale until you taste smoke in your mouth, this means the pipe has a full hit. Release the carb and continue to inhale. Hold it in for no more than a couple of seconds and then exhale and smile.

    First Time Smoking Weed? How to Tell if Your High?

    How can you tell if you are high or not? Ask yourself some important questions. Do you feel more awesome? Does music sound deeper and more interesting? Is TV funnier or otherwise hold your attention a little more? Is everything enhanced? Do you want some Nachos? Then good job because you are stoned, my friend. Chill out, don't operate heavy machinery and enjoy the cool vibes.

    So you are high, now what? Don't panic. It may feel overwhelming at first but it will even out. Having some input is key, turn on some tunes. Be creative. We will get into what to do in another article. For now, just focus on relaxing and taking advantage of this new feeling. Congrats, you have done it!

    Why do people use Cannabis?

    Why do people use Cannabis?

    There are several reasons to use any mind and mood altering substance. Cannabis specifically can change your state of mind in a lot of ways. Memory, mood, appetite, and perception are the areas that are mainly affected by cannabis. What is significant about the cannabis high and the human body? Well, we read a bunch of stuff and here is what we found out.

    Endocannabinoids are what make our relation to this magic plant so special. Those are the naturally occurring cannabinoids that are in our system. Combined with cortisol and other chemicals in our body, cannabinoids help us destress from our environment. When we introduce extra cannabinoids into our system, that relaxation response is powerful and instantaneous.

    There are so many variables to why a person wants to smoke weed that it's hard to keep track. A cannabis high will aid you in finding another mental state, for one.

    That altered mental state can vary depending on your brain chemistry, your attitude and setting, and the weed you use. For most people whatever this modified mindset is, the high is a pleasant and sought after feeling that can be habit-forming and for a very small percentage of people even addictive.

    No one should become dependent on the feeling that cannabis gives them. Like any other tool, medicine, or recreational drug, moderation is key, and appreciation and understanding of its effects will get you far.

    Even if we're not talking about cannabis and just talking about daydreaming, it's important to say that it's not okay to rely too heavily on another state of being. It's like being in the upside down too long, that becomes your new reality, and ordinary life becomes the abstract thing we don't get. This type of habitual use without actually addressing and mindfully contemplating your obstacles should be avoided.

    why do people get high1

    People get high with weed to alter their state of mind, typically to either remove themselves from their situation or to supplant themselves more in a position that they find enjoyable. To tune in, or to drop out.

    Not enough scientific research has been done to examine all the properties of cannabis, but from the limited studies and the experiential knowledge that is out there, we know that it has the same general effects on a majority of people.

    The first most noticeable effect is the euphoric feeling. A sense of calm, or happiness comes over people, and things may seem more interesting or funnier. Many people have a sense that the world around them is vivid and sounds are intense.

    It can also cause people to feel hungry and crave the sweet, salty, and fatty foods that satisfy us the most. And then there is the sleepiness that cannabis can cause that many find helpful. It can make your eyes seem heavy, and your whole body feel relaxed.

    Any of these effects may be the desired result that someone is looking for when they take a puff. But many also report other negative feelings that a weed high can give them like heightened anxiety, paranoia, and excitability or increased heart rate.

    why people get high2

    It’s important for people who want to experiment with cannabis for its therapeutic and medicinal effects to be aware of the full spectrum of effects on the body and mind. Depending on what variety, or what form your cannabis comes in you may experience any one of the properties of the cannabis high to a more significant extent than others.

    For instance, when using edibles, people tend to have a much more powerful body high than when smoking and this can be overwhelming if not desired or expected. People who smoke too much too fast often are overwhelmed by the feeling of the euphoria and need to come down some before they are comfortable again.

    When we take a look at the effects that cannabis has on a person, we can see many reasons why someone would see it as a desirable plant to use for recreational and medicinal purposes. It can help with insomnia, aches, and pains, adjust your mood, help you feel hungry, or just make a bad action movie more fun or an album epic.

    For some, it can be a much more personal relief that the high brings. They may be dealing with stress from their job, relationships, or just the world in general. Cannabis can be a brief respite from the doldrums of everyday life while still encouraging thoughtful introspection about those issues.

    Being stoned can sometimes help you concentrate on a single issue so that you can examine it from every angle. It may lower your attention span for all things around you, but it can increase the intensity of your thoughts about a single topic if you focus on it. Having a smoke session while just sitting and thinking often leads to breakthroughs and new ideas.

    If you really want to know why people get high, you should just ask them. For me, there are two benefits to using cannabis. It calms my ADD and helps me focus on the task or activity at hand and helps me be a much more enthusiastic and less irritable person. Sometimes though, I take a few colossal bong rips to make video games that much more fun. It's a fantastic plant.

    The GRAV Ultimate Hand Pipe Family

    The GRAV Ultimate Hand Pipe Family

    In front of me, I have five glass pipes from GRAV and an open laptop. Each new pipe is different in its own way, and I’m about to test them all. My first thought is that I’m about to do some serious work. Work? Yes, this is my job.

    I need to know how each of these GRAV pipes functions, feels, and more importantly, how I feel when I use them. And I need to have a thousand words written about this experience in forty-eight hours or less preferably. Because of you, dear reader, I do this.

    You need to know what ripping this piece is going to be like as best you can without actually getting to use it first so you can make an informed purchase. It's a strange situation to be in, some would call it lucky, others would call it ridiculous, but this is the world we live in.

    They are calling it the Ultimate Hand Pipe Family, which seems bold, but that is how GRAV tends to be. They didn’t get to be one of the most recognized names in the glass game for thinking inside the box and playing it safe.

    I pick up the first pipe, the most ordinary looking one called the Poker Sherlock. I inspect it a little before I hold it up to my mouth and flick my lighter up to ignite the beautiful green herbs packed into the mid-size bowl. The inhale is savory, ritualistic, and pleasing. I think to myself, how was this any different than another time I've smoked from a pipe?

    The Poker Sherlock looks altogether different than most I've used from them. That apparently is the point. The that is influenced by the classic wooden pipes of old boat captains and noir detectives. It resembles a corn cob pipe a little bit. But the all-glass shape is more substantial than its wood counterpart would be.

    The carb releases as normal, and I get a rush of not too hot smoke that has been stored up in the moderately sized chamber. The Poker looks different enough to give me a sense that this session is unique, but functions the same as a typical spoon, so I am not thrown off for any reason. Overall it's a delightful experience after three or four drags the bowl is cashed. I tap it out and sit happily with the buzz I've achieved. But I'm not done.

    I put on a playlist, mostly chillwave stuff. I pick up the next pipe. This thing is ridiculous. But maybe in a good way? The Mini Mariner is a baby pipe, a spoon for ants, a tiny little taster for lightweights, or perhaps someone with zero tolerance but a lot of style. And you know what? That's okay. Some people would love a tiny pipe just to load up one small bowl. It's important to stress that what you see is what you get with this pipe. A three-inch pipe with a small bowl that fits comfortably in a pocket. Nothing more. The Mini Mariner is just what some people are looking for.

    By now I'm kind of stoned. Nothing wrong with that, but I'm starting to get distracted. I fiddle around with my playlist for about half an hour looking for songs that evoke the early days of smoking. Kid Cudi, Portishead, Wax Tailor. I think about who would be into these pipes and wonder what the other three have in store for me. Time to move on to the GRAV Gandalf.

    I will be the first to admit that I love a nice, long Gandalf. They are elegant and wizardly pipes as they should be. The GRAV Gandalf makes an attempt at being a little more practical in its length than most typical foot long wooden versions. It's a couple of inches shy of a foot, and the whole pipe seems to be produced from an original perfect sphere. The bowl has been made just the right size, and the narrow mouthpiece condenses all the flavor to a sharp point. A solid winner.

    After successfully not catching my beard on fire thanks to the distance granted by the Gandalf, I move on to the silliest pipe in the collection. The Rocker is an enigma. Most new pipe designs are addressing a need not yet filled or are an homage to a classic form like Sherlocks. But the Rocker Steamroller, well, it's a breed apart.

    It's a steamroller, and I consider that strongly before I hit it. To be honest, I don't get steamrollers. Why is that someone's preferred method? It's not filtered, not cooled, not percolated; it's just pure unadulterated smoke. The open chamber of a steamroller lets that smoke expand a little, so it doesn't become stale before you let go of the carb and blast yourself with a strong, hot hit. Sound like fun?

    But I have to remember; I'm not doing this for me. I'm doing this for you. If it were up to me, I'd be loading five bowls in my Bubbler. But this is a review of The Ultimate Hand Pipe Family, let's go to the moon! The Rocker's bowl is not too intimidating, and I load it gingerly.

    Once I get it loaded, I can't resist knocking it about on the table to see how it functions. It rocks for sure, it spins and tumbles, but it will not fall over or roll away. I take a long rip with the carb covered and fill the chamber till the clear green glass turns a smokey moss color, then I let the carb go and feel the rush. Bravo weird little steamroller, you've done your job.

    Ultimate hand pipe family

    Time to take a break. I finish my snacks and wander around my apartment with a funny grin on my face looking for something to entertain myself. I settle on an old Dungeons and Dragons monster manual, from back when the Stranger Things kids were playing D&D. I peruse the funny illustrations and read a few entries letting my imagination run off. Then it dawns on me, I've got two more pipes to smoke.

    I see the Tankard Sherlock across the table. The lake green color of the body evokes images of foggy lakes and peering into the forest from the warm refuge of a log cabin. But just like that cabin in the woods, there is something sinister about this piece. I lift it in my hands and am struck by the apparent weight of the pipe. The bowl is massive. I grind up fat nug, and it is swallowed by the blue-green bowl's conical void. I pack more. I load it until the bud is sitting level with the rim of the full-fisted pipe and I fire it up.


    Before I know it I've instinctively released the carb, and I immediately regret what I’ve done. The rip is cumbersome, a million degrees, and there is nothing I can do but deal with it. The trigger has been pulled on this beautiful glass shotgun loaded with solid indicia buckshot aimed at my unknowing bystander of a chest. I am gone. A coughing fit comes at once and my eyes well up with happy tears. Note to self, don't pull the carb.

    I sit for a moment with the GRAV Tankard Sherlock in my hand and gaze off at nothing in particular. And I just sit there. I clutch it, and it fits perfectly in my hand as it was made to do. I don't feel like I should put it down ever at this moment, it's part of me, it's what brought me here. Then once I regain my footing some I light it up again, this time keeping my thumb over the carb and pulling lightly and for a long time.

    This is how to use the Tankard. Long slow pulls that swirl around and gather flavor in the large chamber and concentrate in the classic pinched mouthpiece. The bowl will take you a while to get through this way; you can't rush meditation though. Thoughtfully sit somewhere and mull things over. The Tankard will get you there.

    At this point, I've slipped into a full recreational high. I jot down my notes on the whole endeavor with the intent of writing this review when I'm less in the clouds. One thing I know for sure, each of these new GRAV hand pipes is genuinely different from anything they've made before, and I'm happily impressed with that.

    Arcline from GRAV

    Arcline from GRAV

    A few magical times a year, GRAV releases a new series of pipes that their artists have been designing. Luckily, 420 Science is just down the road, and we tend to get the latest pipes that come out first. We've been quietly anticipating Arcline, and now we can finally tell everyone else about it!

    The Arcline series from GRAV is made to bear the weight of the smoking world on its shoulders and not even flinch. Structural integrity is the most critical element of pipe design. If it can be broken easily through regular use, it's a failure. If it can withstand daily use and even survive being dropped or tipped over, then it's a champion.

    Exquisite design abounds in this series, and it exudes beauty and refinement. The mouthpieces and bowls of all these pipes have been designed to mimic the classical Tuscan column. This shape adds heat dispersion and stability to the pipe's structure as well as an elegant aesthetic.

    Whatever your method of consumption is, they have you covered with an Arcline version of your favorite pieces. The chillum stands proud and strong; the spoon is a thing of beauty, the steamroller has a classic, but new appeal, the bubblers are ideal, and the beaker functions excellently as a bong or dab rig.

    Stability, strength, and attention to form have never smoked so well and looked so good. The weight of an Arcline piece in your hand is significant, and you can tell that they are some of the densest, most durable pipes GRAV has ever made.

    Find Arcline here!