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Why do people use Cannabis?

There are several reasons to use any mind and mood altering substance. Cannabis specifically can change your state of mind in a lot of ways. Memory, mood, appetite, and perception are the areas that are mainly affected by cannabis. What is significant about the cannabis high and the human body? Well, we read a bunch of stuff and here is what we found out.

Endocannabinoids are what make our relation to this magic plant so special. Those are the naturally occurring cannabinoids that are in our system. Combined with cortisol and other chemicals in our body, cannabinoids help us destress from our environment. When we introduce extra cannabinoids into our system, that relaxation response is powerful and instantaneous.

There are so many variables to why a person wants to smoke weed that it's hard to keep track. A cannabis high will aid you in finding another mental state, for one.

That altered mental state can vary depending on your brain chemistry, your attitude and setting, and the weed you use. For most people whatever this modified mindset is, the high is a pleasant and sought after feeling that can be habit-forming and for a very small percentage of people even addictive.

No one should become dependent on the feeling that cannabis gives them. Like any other tool, medicine, or recreational drug, moderation is key, and appreciation and understanding of its effects will get you far.

Even if we're not talking about cannabis and just talking about daydreaming, it's important to say that it's not okay to rely too heavily on another state of being. It's like being in the upside down too long, that becomes your new reality, and ordinary life becomes the abstract thing we don't get. This type of habitual use without actually addressing and mindfully contemplating your obstacles should be avoided.

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People get high with weed to alter their state of mind, typically to either remove themselves from their situation or to supplant themselves more in a position that they find enjoyable. To tune in, or to drop out.

Not enough scientific research has been done to examine all the properties of cannabis, but from the limited studies and the experiential knowledge that is out there, we know that it has the same general effects on a majority of people.

The first most noticeable effect is the euphoric feeling. A sense of calm, or happiness comes over people, and things may seem more interesting or funnier. Many people have a sense that the world around them is vivid and sounds are intense.

It can also cause people to feel hungry and crave the sweet, salty, and fatty foods that satisfy us the most. And then there is the sleepiness that cannabis can cause that many find helpful. It can make your eyes seem heavy, and your whole body feel relaxed.

Any of these effects may be the desired result that someone is looking for when they take a puff. But many also report other negative feelings that a weed high can give them like heightened anxiety, paranoia, and excitability or increased heart rate.

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It’s important for people who want to experiment with cannabis for its therapeutic and medicinal effects to be aware of the full spectrum of effects on the body and mind. Depending on what variety, or what form your cannabis comes in you may experience any one of the properties of the cannabis high to a more significant extent than others.

For instance, when using edibles, people tend to have a much more powerful body high than when smoking and this can be overwhelming if not desired or expected. People who smoke too much too fast often are overwhelmed by the feeling of the euphoria and need to come down some before they are comfortable again.

When we take a look at the effects that cannabis has on a person, we can see many reasons why someone would see it as a desirable plant to use for recreational and medicinal purposes. It can help with insomnia, aches, and pains, adjust your mood, help you feel hungry, or just make a bad action movie more fun or an album epic.

For some, it can be a much more personal relief that the high brings. They may be dealing with stress from their job, relationships, or just the world in general. Cannabis can be a brief respite from the doldrums of everyday life while still encouraging thoughtful introspection about those issues.

Being stoned can sometimes help you concentrate on a single issue so that you can examine it from every angle. It may lower your attention span for all things around you, but it can increase the intensity of your thoughts about a single topic if you focus on it. Having a smoke session while just sitting and thinking often leads to breakthroughs and new ideas.

If you really want to know why people get high, you should just ask them. For me, there are two benefits to using cannabis. It calms my ADD and helps me focus on the task or activity at hand and helps me be a much more enthusiastic and less irritable person. Sometimes though, I take a few colossal bong rips to make video games that much more fun. It's a fantastic plant.

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