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Arcline from GRAV

A few magical times a year, GRAV releases a new series of pipes that their artists have been designing. Luckily, 420 Science is just down the road, and we tend to get the latest pipes that come out first. We've been quietly anticipating Arcline, and now we can finally tell everyone else about it!

The Arcline series from GRAV is made to bear the weight of the smoking world on its shoulders and not even flinch. Structural integrity is the most critical element of pipe design. If it can be broken easily through regular use, it's a failure. If it can withstand daily use and even survive being dropped or tipped over, then it's a champion.

Exquisite design abounds in this series, and it exudes beauty and refinement. The mouthpieces and bowls of all these pipes have been designed to mimic the classical Tuscan column. This shape adds heat dispersion and stability to the pipe's structure as well as an elegant aesthetic.

Whatever your method of consumption is, they have you covered with an Arcline version of your favorite pieces. The chillum stands proud and strong; the spoon is a thing of beauty, the steamroller has a classic, but new appeal, the bubblers are ideal, and the beaker functions excellently as a bong or dab rig.

Stability, strength, and attention to form have never smoked so well and looked so good. The weight of an Arcline piece in your hand is significant, and you can tell that they are some of the densest, most durable pipes GRAV has ever made.

Find Arcline here!

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