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Selecting a Vaporizer

People have been sticking some weird stuff in their mouths for millennia, but things have gotten stranger recently. Electronic smoking has taken over. Vaping, if you prefer, has become a common alternative to smoking herb. Members of the cannabis community that use electronic pipes and vapes are growing at a tremendous rate, and the market has been flooded with an equal amount of weed-gadgets.

There is a lot of bullshit to sift through when looking for the perfect vape. It can be hard to find the thing that does what you want and doesn't look like your sucking on a poorly crafted lightsaber. At the end of the day, you either want a hand-held dab pen or a dry herb vaporizer.

At 420 Science, we think we've done an excellent job at recognizing the best performing vapes in the industry, stocking them, updating our inventory for what is in demand and carrying updates for older models. Our hope is that we have curated a selection that solves a lot of the decision making for you already.

Vapes tend to vary on a few sliding scales. The power and battery life of a vape tends to affect its size directly. The faster it heats and the longer you can use it usually mean you'll end up with a large vaporizer like the Mighty, or the CFX. Drag is how slow or easy it is to inhale a hit from a vape. The higher the drag, the longer you have to hit the vape, but the more intense the flavor will be from the vapor.

Vapes can also have a lot of features. Some more useful than others. Some vapes are simple like the CFC with only a chamber and simple controls to toggle the temperature. Others like the Pax 3, are loaded with LED displays, haptic feedback, apps for customization, and even hidden games and features. It all depends on what you need.

If you want to have dialed in control over every heat setting of your vape, or you want to be able to swap out mouthpieces or other small parts depending on your taste, then you'll want something like the CFV or the Pax. But if you just want a functional vaporizer that allows you to toke on the go easily and stealthily, then a vape like the DaVinci IQ or the Firefly 2 is right for you.

Now for those that want to completely have control over the power and delivery of their vapor we recommend a desktop vaporizer. You can't compare anything handheld to the capabilities of a Volcano or a Silver Surfer. You can dial them in at the exact temperature you want, and they have bowls large enough to accommodate a whole party for a session.

Take a look through our selection, and we're sure you'll find something that will fit your specifications, style, and budget.

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