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Why Curating Your Pipe Collection is Important

At 420 Science we focus on having an intentionally limited collection of products. We don't want to carry everything that's out there, because our headshop would be full of junk and hard to sort through. We want our shop to be easy to navigate and only offer the absolute best gear out there. Whether you are a collector or own a few pieces, we encourage the same attitude towards curating as we do.

Be Discerning
You can be sure that your choices will be right when you purposely limit your selection and focus only on the elements of a pipe that are important to you and fit your style. If your gut or your heart tells you that something isn't right or you don't love everything about the function of a pipe, don't get it. Decide what your ideal pipe is and don't settle for pieces that are low quality.

Ask yourself how often you'll use this pipe and what features make the most difference to you. Do color and technique matter the most, or function and extra elements like roll-stops and fixed downstems?

HVY glass bongGet Rid of Stuff
Often our taste changes throughout time, yet we still hang onto old pieces because of their nostalgic and sentimental quality. Unfortunately, those old pipes may mean a lot but are not bringing anything new to the table. If you want to experience the benefits of an inverted mouthpiece, a built-in filter bowl, or a pipe that you can take apart and clean then making room in your collection is better than cluttering up your stash box.

When your collection becomes too large, you can face the issue of having decision paralysis. Choosing the right pipe for the job can be daunting when you've got twenty. Gifting your old pipe to a friend or just taking a picture of it and boxing it up somewhere safe are good ways to get that old piece out of your collection and make way for your next favorite pipe.

Curating Brings Joy
The act of replacing and upgrading your pipes, tools, or storage items is quite rewarding. It feels great knowing that you made a thoughtful choice that you've pondered over and recognized is the right one.

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