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What to expect from Cannabis in 2019

Cannabis had many sweeping victories and advances in 2018. With all the momentum that has built up for the normalization and legalization of weed, many cannabis enthusiasts are wondering what will occur in the next year. Here is what we think is going to occur in the world of weed in 2019.

More Positive Legislation
This year it's likely that the green wave of legislation will continue to build state by state as more laws are passed to allow citizens to grow, sell, consume, and otherwise, enjoy the benefits of cannabis.

Along with many of the pro-weed bills that are passed, we're likely to experience pushback from not only federal entities but also from individuals and counties that decide they are against the introduction of cannabis businesses into their area.

New Normal CannabisContinued Normalization
Expect to see products for cannabis smoking, vaping, eating, and storing explode in popularity and abundance. The market already seems to be flooded by tons of products that range from totally necessary to utterly ridiculous. With more legalization, we will see a continual flow of new users to the lifestyle as well as people turning to weed for medicinal purposes.

Reduced Cost
One thing that cannabis consumers can look forward to is a lowered cost of cannabis itself. Whether you enjoy flowers or concentrate, the extreme popularity of toking up has continually escalated over the years and has slowly reduced the price. While flower will likely drop noticeably, concentrates will keep improving in quality, and their cost will be more normalized.

Industry Heads
A select few vape products dominated the market last year along with products designed for the new smoker. With the massive migration into the cannabis market that many businesses, content creators, and services have made over the last couple of years it will be easy to see who has come out on top and who has failed to catch the attention of the public.

Research and Development
We will continue to see a notable effort in the areas of research that have taken off in cannabis and continue to see rising interest in the components of cannabis such as CBD and other isolated terpenes. As actual funding for cannabis science begins to trickle into institutions, we're likely to see new trends in the use and development of THC and cannabinoids. That will also follow more pharmaceutical companies attempting to create cannabis analogs and derived drugs for treating diseases.

Cannabis DrinksDrinking your Weed
The newest thing we'll see take off more in 2019 will be Cannabis Beverages. A niche market of weed soda companies exist already but are distributed at low rates and have not seen the maximum exposure that already existing beverage brands can bring to the market. Expect some exciting flavor experiments to be available for your consumption soon.

A Path Forward
With the 2018 Farm Bill that passed, we see a renewed interest in the production of hemp. Hemp-derived CBD will continue to explode in popularity but will likely also see a shakeup as FDA will regulate it. What was once a product for just rope and textiles, with current technology hemp can be made into bioplastics and even building materials.

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