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What To Do if You're Too High: 7 Tips if You Get Too Stoned

Many of us cannabis enthusiasts have been caught in a trap that we set for ourselves with the herb we love so much. The dreaded event of getting too high on accident is an avoidable and surmountable situation and if you're lucky you can even turn it around.

How to Stop Being High

Try and avoid if possible

Quite often getting too stoned is the result of a taking a single high dose of weed. Suddenly a person finds themselves overwhelmed by the physical and mental sensation of being high and once in that state they cannot find their way back easily.

The best way to avoid this issue is by not imbibing copious amounts of cannabis all at once. Start low and go slow as the saying goes. Pace yourself. The best way to circumvent a bad situation is to space out the intensity of your situation by having a few small sessions instead of one giant one.

Don't run for cover

If you find yourself overwhelmed, don't seek the refuge of a dark, quiet room the way you might for a migraine. A strong cannabis high can result in anxiety and a feeling of overstimulation from specific sources. Some music and conversation can seem loud and confusing. Small tasks can become complicated and simple decisions can become monumental. Getting too high can give you a mental roadblock.

Instead of fleeing from choices and sensory input it is important to try and embrace sight and sound, so seek out the kind that makes you happy. If you hide in darkness, then your mind is going to fill that void, and you won't always get to choose what shows up. If you stay in the real world, you can probably turn the music down or change the conversation. Having something in your environment for every sense is helpful. Have a beverage and food at hand, something to fiddle with, something to view, and some music is good also.

Be Okay with Introspection

Often when one is too high a feeling of intense paranoia, guilt or self-awareness can be crippling. But it's not these feelings alone that are so daunting, its the consequences of following these thoughts to their natural ends that is so frightening to many of us.

weed introspection

Go towards the struggle. You may find yourself experiencing dread because you don't want to think about an issue. Your high self can be obsessed about that situation and you'll have no choice but to face it. We bury problems deep in our mind that we tell ourselves we'll resolve later, but rarely do we go back on work on those things. Instead, we go about our daily lives and distract or entertain ourselves instead of taking a hard look at our choices. Look within, and you'll be happy you did.

Input but not stimulus

There is a definite difference between having additional information during your session to help you guide your high in a useful way and being overwhelmed by the constant stimulation from a source. Don't put pressure on yourself to put a puzzle together or solve some complicated task unless you feel motivated to do that.

The type of input you're looking for is low key and easily digestible. Being super stoned is no time to be reading recipes, instructions, or trying to determine the best way to build your new pc. Save those technical and organizational tasks for when you are sober or only slightly lifted. You need structure to distract your brain from how stoned it is, but not a full-on challenge.

Talk through it.

Don't go through this alone if you don't want to. If you find yourself in the throws of a powerfully debilitating high, try and let a friend know exactly what's going wrong. Explain why you feel negative about the experience, and they may be able to help guide you through that feeling into a better place.

Counter your dose with CBD

Cannabidiol is there for you if you have way too much THC in your system. Ideally, every cannabis session should involve a healthy amount of CBD along with tetrahydrocannabinol because it encourages a calm mood and helps prevent a flight or panic response

Munchies food

Hydrate and refuel

Sometimes the feeling of unease or nausea accompanied with being far too high can be the result of a lack of input in the body. If you have not adequately nourished or hydrated yourself, then it can be easy to feel light-headed or sick when extremely stoned. Always have a snack and water on hand in case this happens.

If you get too high, you will survive

No matter how up in the sky you may feel with no chance of ever returning, you will come down eventually. Keep that in mind, and you'll soon find yourself back in the soft embrace of a proper cannabis session without an overwhelming sensation. All you have to do is breath easy and follow some of these tips, and you'll have your chill back in no time.

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