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You Should be Adding CBD to Your Smoke Sesh

Over time cannabis growers have slowly bred out high CBD content in plants in favor of more tetrahydrocannabinol. Pure THC is intense, and some people enjoy it for that particular reason just as some individuals enjoy the non-intoxicating effects of a CBD dose. But if you want an enjoyable and euphoric experience, combining equal amounts of both is the best way to go.

Ancient people toked up a very different version of weed when cannabis was first on the scene thousands of years ago. Many enthusiasts know that the herbs we enjoy today are much higher in THC potency, but it's likely that those first plants were higher in CBD than the herb we enjoy today. This is because we've bred out high CBD varieties in preference for high THC plants so that we can maximize the expression of THC potential in those varieties of cannabis.
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Because of the new found value in cannabidiol, there have been strides in breeding plants that have a high CBD yield and a lower THC yield. Many people have discovered that the balance of CBD and THC in a cannabis experience can make the difference between an intense sensation and a pleasant one.

The reason why a person might get a better experience when balancing CBD with THC is their combining effect. CBD can counteract the overwhelming feeling of a THC high like paranoia, anxiety, and indecision brought on by the constant and intense sense of being high. In other words, CBD lets you not worry about being so lifted, and enjoy it.
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If you don't have the luxury of finding heavy CBD rich strains, then you can most likely find CBD products available to you. These products can range from drops to edibles and salves. Just compliment your session by taking a CBD product before your typical cannabis use and see how it goes. You'll most likely find your experience more balanced or even enhanced with the addition of CBD.

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