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Throwing a 4/20 Party: Best Celebration Ideas

Throwing a legendary 4/20 party can be a rewarding and worthwhile endeavor, but there is some essential knowledge that is required to get this herb-filled event going strong. We've put together this guide so that you can plan the perfect occasion for your friends and best buds.

The necessary planning for a rad 4/20 party is essentially the same as planning a good house party with a few exceptions. One is that people are not drinking as much, they are coming to get blazed, and that changes the dynamic in a few different ways. You'll need to plan accordingly.

Obviously, the most important element of a fantastic 4/20 party is having plenty of weed for people to toke on. You can handle this a few different ways. If you have the means to provide some amount of bud, then you should, but encouraging people to "BYOW" will give you variety and allow everyone to have some green that they can share and show off. If someone happens to show up empty-handed, you should be generous and smoke them out. After all, that's what this holiday is all about!

Get Your Smoking Pieces Ready

So before you can start prepping your place, you'll need to make sure you have some other necessary items. What are you going to smoke out of? If your answer is, everything, then you are learning.

Have a selection of ways to enjoy ganja. Roll up some doobies of different shapes, sizes, colors, flavors. Load a few bowls and have a dry pipe ready, a bubbler, a one hitter, and a water pipe. If you have a vaporizer, load it up and have it ready to go full blast. If you don't have any of those things, then we suggest you visit the store - we've got all the gear you need.

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You should pick up at least one new piece for people to enjoy. If you are inviting people over that are part of your normal smoking crew then they're not going to be impressed with your same old tube. It's time to step things up. If a new piece is not in the budget, then load yourself up with some papers and make it rain joints.


Decide How Many 4/20 Party Invitations are Enough

Who is coming to this party? Know your list and check it twice. You'll want to make sure that you can keep it to a manageable number. 4/20 parties are not raging house parties; they are chill and creative and best of all positive. Keep that in mind and make sure everyone you invite knows what they are getting themselves into. Make invitations.

Create a Digital 4/20 Party Flyer

We're big fans of the classic hastily photoshopped party flyer with all the relevant information on it. It's cool because it sets the mood before your event even happens and gives everyone all the important details. You can just drop this image in a text message to your list of 420 friends, and they'll know what the deal is.

So you have the herb, you have the gear, you've scheduled time and invited your friends. Now what? Now it's time to go the extra mile and make sure your 4/20 party is an unstoppable juggernaut of fun time and good memories. There are a few easy extra steps you can take to seal the deal on an excellent 4/20.

As always set and setting are your greatest allies and enemies for a good party. You'll want to make sure that your place is conducive to getting stoned and chilling out for an extended period. There are a few simple but effective things you can do to make sure any place is great for getting blazed.

Try and have every kind of way to ingest cannabis there is. That's the most epic goal of pulling off this kind of party. Have pipes, chillums, a bubbler, some badass bongs, a rolling station (joint papers and rolling trays are a given), and a quality vaporizer. If you have one of each of these then you are a golden god, but if you can only snag a few don't feel bad. Band together with your friends and see what kind of variety you can produce, you'll be happy you put forth the effort.

First, make sure that your lighting is right. We can't stress enough how much good lighting goes into making a party environment right. If your apartment is lit up like a doctor's office, then no one is going to feel like they can have a good time. Turn those overhead lights off. Turn the lamps on, put some colored bulbs into a few lights or hang up some Christmas lights somewhere. Your goal is to make it warm, colorful, and inviting.

Make a playlist. Pick your records, bust out your CD collection or start tuning up your digital library. Whatever you use to listen to music make sure you've taken a few minutes to arrange a library that you feel reflects the celebration. We could mention a ton of classics, but there are too many to list. Be nostalgic, be diverse, and keep it around an hour or two at most. If you have music playing, people will eventually want to put on their tunes. That's okay.

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4/20 Activities for Your Stoner Guests

Activities! Have stuff to do. Don't assume the occasion will be enough to keep everyone entertained. Make different parts of your place into different activities, even if it's just four corners of your room. Have a movie going that everyone knows on mute. It's a conversation piece. There are a ton of stoner movies out there. If you don't like those movies, then play Star Wars. The old Star Wars. Put out some playing cards and board games. Dig out whatever qualifies for art supplies in whatever qualifies for storage in your house and set it all out for people to mess with. If you have an old Nintendo or some other system, for god's sake hook it up. There are few things stoned people love more than playing old Nintendo.

4/20 Party Food Ideas

A word about edibles. Do it. There are a ton of simple or complex medicated treats you can make. Make some brownies at least. Someone may bring some but don't rely on that, and edibles for an event like this can be made lower strength so that people can enjoy them along with everything else. Make sure they are labeled. You can purchase edibles from your local dispensary, or make them with cannabutter on your own.

Also, have normal food. People will get the munchies. Have snacks and put out some veggie friendly stuff. Plan to order pizza. Put pizza rolls on the pizza. It will be amazing, and everyone will think you are some kind of genius.

Plan for refreshments of all kinds. Drinks are perhaps one of the most unexpectedly hard things to prepare for a 4/20 party because people will be all over the place. Get water, soda, and beer. Some people will drink less alcohol when they are smoking. Some will drink way more water. Some will ask for hibiscus mint tea. It's perfect for dry mouth. You can keep whatever is left.

Now It's Time to Throw the Best 4/20 Celebration Party

If you've followed all or any of these steps you're most certainly on your way to a better 4/20 event. Of course, this is just a guide, the potential for shenanigans and good times to be had is limitless when you mix good people with good herb. Happy 4/20!

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