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What is a Bubbler? Bubblers Vs. Pipes

If you've been smoking for a while, then you know that some pipes are better than others. Plain spoons are what most pipe smokers start with, and smoking from a nice glass spoon is a great experience, but it doesn't take long for a cannabis enthusiast to want to elevate their experience. When you want both the convenience and ease of a handpiece, but the more substantial hits and filtration that a bong can provide, then you want a bubbler pipe.

What is a Bubbler Pipe?

A bubbler pipe is typically taller than a spoon because it allows for a downstem to go from the bowl into the chamber of the pipe to that it can provide water filtration. When you hit a bubbler the smoke travels down into the chamber and is cooled and slightly filtered. Unlike a bong, a glass bubbler does not stack or store a hit up but instead starts to deliver the hit seconds after you begin to inhale. Some bubblers have a carb cap that allows you to clear the chamber quickly as a traditional spoon does.

Different Types of Bubblers

Many bubbler features vary between different styles. The most common is the hammer-shaped bubbler which has a 90-degree angle with a mouthpiece and a large chamber body. Another conventional design is a Sherlock-style body that sits vertically with a mouthpiece that is curved. But there are also double and even triple bubblers as well as metal and silicone bubblers. Each of these styles still offers percolation in a smaller design than a bong but also focus on specific aspects of the pipe, like durability or appearance.

Metal Bubbler pipe

Cleaning Your Bubbler

Most bubblers are one solid piece of class with no removable parts. There are fancier bubblers that have ground joints instead of indented bowls and even removable downstems like a bong. Cleaning a bubbler like the Hydra is easy because it can be disassembled, but a typical bubbler takes a little care and finesse to clean. If you can soak the whole piece in a cleaner overnight that tends to be the easiest way of getting the downstem and the bottom of the chamber clean.

Smoking Out of a Bubbler

When you take a pull from a clean, fully loaded bubbler, the experience is surprising and pleasurable. The first thing you notice is that there is low to no drag. Immediately the hit is smooth, flavorful, and there is no blast of heat. When you smoke from a bubbler you only get the dank flavor and fantastic effects of toking a bowl. Bubblers are the best of both worlds.
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