Are you looking for a particular way to store your stash or pipe? We've got it! Our 420 Jars are available in a range of sizes to suit your stash. Whatever gear or herb you need protecting, you'll find an ideal way of storing weed and guarding your precious glass pipes. Protecting your valuable and prized glass is a necessity. We've all experienced the tragedy of a broken pipe that we loved and the anger that follows when you realize you could have just kept it safe with proper storage.

Your pipe takes care of you on a daily basis, and you should take care of it by storing it in a bag or case designed especially to meet your needs. If you have a tube, beaker or other larger glass pipe, then a padded bag is ideal for defending it against bumps and other impacts.

If you want to protect your pipe while also keeping out unwelcome guest, then a smell-proof bag is perfect. These bags offer the padded protection you need and are also airtight and lockable.

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  • Pokit Rokitz - Large | Storage Containers | 420 Science
    Pokit Rokitz - Large
    Pokit Rokitz - Large
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