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Why Dabbing With Quartz Bangers is the Best

Dabbing methods have changed dramatically since the introduction of cannabis concentrates. A variety of materials have been used to vaporize dabs, but none perform as well as the almighty Quartz Banger.

In the first days of dabbing the red hot titanium nail and carb cab was king. Titanium had the benefits of not off-gassing and being ultra-durable. Unfortunately, titanium is expensive and oxidizes, eventually lowering the quality of the metal and making it look stained and worn.

After titanium lost its edge, ceramic was the new way of dabbing. Ceramic offered a less expensive alternative to titanium and was nonporous. A ceramic nail could be easily cleaned and would look good as new once the excess dabs were removed. Ceramic proved to be more fragile than titanium for not much cheaper, and people wanted a compromise between affordability and durability.

Unfortunately the first all quartz bangers were extremely expensive due to being rare, American made, and new to the dab community. Eventually, more and more manufacturers caught onto the popularity of quartz glass dab buckets, and they became the standard for dabbing. Quartz bangers became so popular that a pipe was made just for this way of dabbing, the banger hanger.

flat top quartz bangerBut what makes the quartz glass banger so perfect for dabbing with glass rigs? There are many reasons, but quartz's extreme heat tolerance is high up on the list. Quartz glass can withstand the blazing hot torch without oxidizing or becoming brittle over time. Unlike titanium, quartz does not retain heat as long, so the dabbing process is sped up slightly. Lastly, quartz glass on glass rigs looks tremendous and can be customized in the same ways that rigs are with colored glass and adornments that personalize the banger.

Using a Quartz Banger takes just a few steps.
1. get your dab ready on a dab tool.
2. Heat up your banger to around 350 degrees but not more than 400.
3. Drop in your dabs and the cover the banger with the carb cap.
4. Inhale and enjoy. Remove the cap and clean the banger when you are done.

Taking care of your Quartz Banger is relatively easy. When heating your banger, be sure to direct some of the heat evenly over the entire bucket. Only heating the bottom of the banger can result in stress on the glass and can lead to breaks or cracks in time.

When bangers are new, it can be difficult to tell how hot they are when torching. If you are operating a torch on its highest setting, then a twenty-second heat-up time is adequate to your banger plenty hot enough to dab. Eventually, you will see a red glow as you heat your banger, which is a sign that the banger is extremely hot. Keep in mind a dab only needs to be heated to around 250 degrees to vaporize all the cannabinoids in a hit completely.
dabbing with quartz banger
Cleaning the interior with a cotton swab shortly after taking a dab is encouraged. Swabbing the banger will preserve the life of your quartz and keep it looking fresh. If you make a routine out of swabbing your banger, residues will not build up on the walls, and your dabs will always be tasty and clean.

We have a large selection of affordable and high-quality quartz bangers that range in size and shape. Some bangers are designed for taking larger dabs like core reactor and double chamber models. These bangers evenly retain and control heat better and can vaporizer large globs of concentrates. Bangers work in tandem with a carb cap to maximize the temperature control and efficiency of your dab. If you have any questions about what banger is right for your rig, please send us a message, and we will be happy to help.

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